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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Epilogue: The Photographer".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Uncle Craig's manuscript?
(a) Del has it published
(b) Del makes arrangements to have it edited
(c) Del assumes it is ruined
(d) Del donates it to the library

2. Which of the following does Del's mother not eventually refer to her as on their sales trips?
(a) Delightful
(b) Useless cargo
(c) Silent
(d) Free

3. What does Art say happens to some girls in Italy?
(a) They are sold to men
(b) They become models
(c) They marry U.S. citizens
(d) They become artists

4. Who comes to this town in Del's novel?
(a) A new minister
(b) A photographer
(c) The circus
(d) A film crew

5. Where do Del and the boy in #158 spend much of their time?
(a) The Haines Restaurant
(b) DeDe's Diner
(c) The Blue Owl
(d) The Pine Club

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Del's aunts believe should be avoided in life?

2. During what months do Del's mother and the children live in the rented house?

3. Why is Naomi furious with Del the next day?

4. What does Del learn about Miss Farris three or four years after the operetta?

5. What does Naomi's father do to her when she gets home?

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