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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Lives of Girls and Women".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what is Del searching in this chapter?
(a) Her friend's dog
(b) Her hairbrush
(c) Her red glove
(d) The meaning of religion

2. Del believes that if she had been born in ____________ she would have already received the answers to her sexual questions.
(a) Brazil
(b) Italy
(c) Spain
(d) France

3. What does Del's family raise?
(a) Chinchillas
(b) Minks
(c) Foxes
(d) Chicken

4. What does Del's mother accuse Del of becoming?
(a) A snot nose
(b) Too big for her britches
(c) Too arrogant
(d) Self-conscious about her smarts

5. Benny is a collector of ________________.
(a) People
(b) Antiques
(c) Clutter
(d) Fenton glass

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Del not wish to believe in?

2. Why does Art spend lots of time at Del's house?

3. What does Del do one day when she is tired of repeating answers?

4. What has the family's dog done recently?

5. What reality about Uncle Benny does Del try to understand?

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