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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Age of Faith".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Del realizes that prayer and ____________ do not always fit nicely together.
(a) Wishes
(b) Hopes
(c) Life
(d) Manners

2. What does Aunt Moira call Del?
(a) An angel
(b) A jewel
(c) A mad dog
(d) A lunatic

3. What is Del's job during the fishing expeditions?
(a) Catch frogs
(b) Dig worms
(c) Bait hooks
(d) Clean fish

4. Where do Dill and Uncle Bill go to the grocery?
(a) Red Front Grocery
(b) 7-11
(c) Last Chance Deli
(d) Jubilation Market

5. What is the name of the store Del must pass to get home?
(a) Flats Road Market
(b) Buckles Store
(c) Last Chance Grocery
(d) Mini Mart

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uncle Bill call Del's mother?

2. Who tries to force Del to view Uncle Craig's body?

3. How long to Uncle Bill and Aunt Nile stay at Del's house?

4. What does Del do to try to understand religion?

5. What news does Del receive when she returns home from her aunts' house?

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