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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Age of Faith".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Owen's plan for saving Major?
(a) Running away with Major
(b) Having Major trained
(c) Letting him live with the family in Jubilee
(d) Moving out of state

2. Owen asks Del whether a prayer for Major would mean ___________________.
(a) He would go to heaven
(b) He would stop escaping
(c) He wouldn't be shot
(d) He would stop killing

3. According to Del's mother, it makes no more sense to believe that an unseen being died for our sins than it would be to ___________________________________.
(a) Believe in Santa Claus
(b) Believe the Aztec notion that the sun would nor rise or set with the sacrifice of live hearts
(c) Believe in leprechauns
(d) Believe in the Easter Bunny

4. How long to Uncle Bill and Aunt Nile stay at Del's house?
(a) One month
(b) One night
(c) One afternoon
(d) One week

5. Who is the main character of this book?
(a) Del Shannon
(b) Del Jordan
(c) Deb Jordan
(d) Deb Hall

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Del do to try to understand religion?

2. Where does Del spend time at Uncle Craig's house in order to avoid his dead body?

3. What is Del's favorite thing out of all of Benny's possessions?

4. During what months do Del's mother and the children live in the rented house?

5. What news does Del receive when she returns home from her aunts' house?

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