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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Princess Ida".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Del put Uncle Craig's manuscript?
(a) A safety deposit box
(b) A desk drawer
(c) A cardboard box in the basement
(d) A cedar chest in the attic

2. Del spends days fishing with Uncle Benny along the _______________ River.
(a) Ohio
(b) Mississippi
(c) Wawanash
(d) Suwanee

3. Which of the following do Del's aunts not do for the family?
(a) Preserve fruits and vegetables
(b) Bake and cook
(c) Darn socks
(d) Tutor the children

4. How does Del feel when her mother comes to school to present a prize for an essay contest?
(a) She is very proud
(b) She endures her mother's public persona
(c) She is in agony
(d) She retreats into depression

5. What is the name of the store Del must pass to get home?
(a) Last Chance Grocery
(b) Flats Road Market
(c) Buckles Store
(d) Mini Mart

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Del say about her Uncle Benny?

2. How did Uncle Craig die?

3. What group does Del's mother eventually join?

4. According to Del's aunts it is better to ________________________.

5. What news does Del receive when she returns home from her aunts' house?

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