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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Baptizing".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city does Art mention that he has visited that intrigues Del's mother?
(a) Madrid
(b) Berlin
(c) Florence
(d) London

2. Del is asked to recall on cue information such as the names of the American presidents or _______________________.
(a) The Latin names for herbs
(b) The capitals of South American countries
(c) Signers of the Declaration of Independence
(d) The periodic elements

3. According to Del's mother, God was made by man, ______________________________.
(a) Not the other way around
(b) Which is what everyone should believe
(c) As a supreme act of love
(d) As it says in the Bible

4. One day Del decides she no longer wants to be her mother's _____________________.
(a) Trick pony
(b) Daughter
(c) Confidante
(d) Bridge partner

5. What announcement does Benny make?
(a) He has to have surgery
(b) He is moving away
(c) He is converting to Catholicism
(d) He is married

Short Answer Questions

1. What can Del not give Owen regarding Major?

2. Benny is a collector of ________________.

3. What does Mr. Chamberlain send to Fern?

4. What does Del do one day when she is tired of repeating answers?

5. What does Del's school host every March?

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