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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Princess Ida".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Uncle Craig die?
(a) Gun shot wound
(b) Heart attack
(c) Terminal illness
(d) Car accident

2. Who has arrived in the car with American license plates?
(a) Aunt Elspeth
(b) Aunt Willie
(c) Uncle Craig
(d) Uncle Bill

3. What type of newspapers does Benny collect?
(a) Tabloids
(b) Daily
(c) Weekly
(d) Monthly

4. Del is asked to recall on cue information such as the names of the American presidents or _______________________.
(a) The periodic elements
(b) The Latin names for herbs
(c) Signers of the Declaration of Independence
(d) The capitals of South American countries

5. What announcement does Benny make?
(a) He is converting to Catholicism
(b) He has to have surgery
(c) He is married
(d) He is moving away

Short Answer Questions

1. Del spends days fishing with Uncle Benny along the _______________ River.

2. Why does Benny drive to Ketchener?

3. What does Del do to Mary Agnes?

4. One day Del decides she no longer wants to be her mother's _____________________.

5. Where do Del's aunts live?

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