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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Lives of Girls and Women".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Owen begs Del to _____________________ in a desperate attempt to save Major.
(a) Let Major loose
(b) Run away with Major
(c) Talk to their father
(d) Tell him how to pray

2. What does Del's father not want to believe about the family dog?
(a) That he will run away
(b) That he is a mutt
(c) That he can speak
(d) That he will kill again

3. Where do Del and Naomi find a book about sex?
(a) A box in Del's attic
(b) The library
(c) The Internet
(d) Naomi's mother's hope chest

4. According to Del's aunts it is better to ________________________.
(a) Be satisfied with what one has
(b) Have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
(c) Exercise in the mornings
(d) Eat a light supper

5. Why does Del's mother not stop Del from attending church?
(a) She wants Del to make her own decisions
(b) Allowing Del to go will prove that her mother is right
(c) She believes in freedom of choice
(d) Del's mother is not home when she goes

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Del not wish to believe in?

2. What do Del's aunts think about Uncle Craig's decision not to run for election?

3. With whom does Del discuss what had happened with Mr. Chamberlain?

4. Which of the following terms does Del not use to describe Naomi after she has been sick?

5. What does Art do out of sight of the others in the room?

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