Lives of Girls and Women Multiple Choice Test Questions

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"The Flats Road"

1. Who is the main character of this book?
(a) Deb Hall
(b) Deb Jordan
(c) Del Shannon
(d) Del Jordan

2. What does Del say about her Uncle Benny?
(a) He really isn't her uncle
(b) He is brilliant
(c) He is very negative
(d) He is such a loser

3. What reality about Uncle Benny does Del try to understand?
(a) He is sometimes cruel
(b) He has had an affair
(c) He is moving away
(d) His marriage has failed

4. Del spends days fishing with Uncle Benny along the _______________ River.
(a) Suwanee
(b) Wawanash
(c) Ohio
(d) Mississippi

5. What is Del's job during the fishing expeditions?
(a) Dig worms
(b) Catch frogs
(c) Bait hooks
(d) Clean fish

6. What is the name of Del's dog?
(a) Major
(b) Scout
(c) Max
(d) Jillie

7. With what animals at Benny's house does Benny claim he will make soup?
(a) Rabbits
(b) Chickens
(c) Turtles
(d) Squirrels

8. Who is Del's brother?
(a) Ewen
(b) Oapie
(c) Evan
(d) Owen

9. Benny is a collector of ________________.
(a) Fenton glass
(b) Clutter
(c) People
(d) Antiques

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