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"The Flats Road"

• Del Jordan is the protagonist in the book and she begins by talking about her Uncle Benny who really is not her uncle at all.

• Del and her brother, Owen, go fishing with Uncle Benny and help him catch frogs.

• Del is fascinated by the overwhelming clutter of Uncle Benny's house and is particularly fond of a stack of tabloid newspapers that come from the city.

• Del's family lives in a house at the end of Flats Road on the outskirts of the town of Jubilee.

• Benny asks Del to write a letter for him one day in response to a newspaper ad from a woman looking for a job as a housekeeper with the possibility of marriage.
• Benny returns from town with Miss Madeleine Howey and her baby and announces to the Jordans that he and Madeleine are married.

• Madeleine is arrogant and has...

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