Live and Let Die Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Bond's mission.

Secret Agent James Bond is on a mission to stop gold coins from being smuggled out of Jamaica.

2. Why does Mr. Big want to smuggle gold out of Jamaica?

The pirate treasure is being smuggled by a Harlem gangster known as Mr. Big. He wants to use the gold to fund SMERSH, an evil Soviet spy agency.

3. Describe Bond's meeting with Hollaran at the airport.

As Bond approaches the immigration line, he is met by a man called Hollaran who ushers him past Immigration and into a waiting car. Hollaran works for the U.S. government and says he has been sent to help Bond in any way he can. He gives Bond an envelope with one thousand dollars cash which he tells Bond was taken from a Communist operation.

4. How do Felix and Bond decide to work together in Chapter 1?

Bond and Leiter discuss the case; they say it breaks down into two halves: the first in America and the second in Jamaica, which is a British territory. Bond will only observe in America and take over when the case moves to Jamaica.

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