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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16 - The Jamaica Version.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color has Leiter dyed his hair?
(a) Black
(b) Green
(c) Red
(d) Brown

2. Who does Solitaire say Mr. Big phoned before she left?
(a) The Whisper
(b) The Low Down
(c) The Fist
(d) The Robber

3. What noise could be heard coming from the island?
(a) A drumming noise
(b) Screams
(c) A singing noise
(d) A squeaking noise

4. What does Bond learn that Mr. Big has been bringing into Jamaica?
(a) Dead bodies
(b) Children
(c) Gold coins
(d) Rare fish

5. What does Bond do as soon as he enters his cabin?
(a) Shoots Solitaire
(b) Kisses Solitaire
(c) Cries
(d) Locks the door

Short Answer Questions

1. One of Mr. Big's men sneaks on to the train dressed as _______________.

2. Where will Bond and Leiter fly to from St. Petersburg, Florida?

3. What is the name of Bond's attendant?

4. What kind of lessons does Solitaire have once a week?

5. Why does the waiter get off at the next stop?

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