Live and Let Die Character Descriptions

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James Bond

He lives in London but works around the world, and enjoys the finer things in life, especially the company of women.

Mr. Big

A Haitian-born gangster now living in Harlem in New York City.


A beautiful Haitian born woman who has been held captive for over a year.

Felix Leiter

An American CIA agent, he has worked with Bond on the Casino Royale job.


A Cayman Islander, he is an expert swimmer and fisherman.

The Robber

He runs the bait and tackle shop where fish tanks from Jamaica are unloaded.


The chief of the British Secret Service in the Caribbean.

The Whisper

He works at a telephone switchboard and passes on information to a team of men around the city.

Captain Dexter

An FBI Agent working in New York City.


This character is the head of the British Secret Service.

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