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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news do Laurie and Amy give everyone?
(a) They have been married for three months.
(b) They plan to be married in six weeks.
(c) They were married six weeks earlier.
(d) They plan to marry in three months.

2. Who cares for Beth as she is dying?
(a) Meg
(b) Laurie
(c) Jo
(d) Marmee

3. Jo feels alone because of what?
(a) Laurie is away.
(b) Marmee is on a trip.
(c) She has argued with Meg.
(d) Beth has died.

4. The family prepares for what event?
(a) selling their home
(b) Beth's impending death
(c) Jo's marriage
(d) Meg and John's divorce

5. Professor Bhaer begins to do what for Jo?
(a) teach her German
(b) buy her gifts
(c) edit her writing
(d) pick up her mail

Short Answer Questions

1. The professor and Jo meet for walks for how long?

2. The girls and their families celebrate which of Mrs. March's birthdays?

3. Who is jealous of Amy?

4. Beth refuses to go on a trip where?

5. Amy shows Laurie two sketches of whom?

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