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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As she reflects on her life, what does Jo say about it?
(a) She is happier than she deserves.
(b) Her life was full of surprises.
(c) She is disappointed about how things turned out.
(d) It worked out exactly as planned.

2. What is professor Bhaer's new position?
(a) novelist
(b) teacher
(c) grocer
(d) salesman

3. When does Beth finally die?
(a) at dawn
(b) on Thanksgiving Day
(c) at Christmas
(d) in the night

4. Professor Bhaer is from where?
(a) London, England
(b) New York City, New York
(c) Berlin, Germany
(d) Washington DC

5. Where do Amy and Laurie choose to live?
(a) The March family home.
(b) The Laurence family home.
(c) France
(d) New York

Short Answer Questions

1. Jo determines that Beth is sad because of what?

2. When Laurie realizes that Professor Bhaer is going to ask Jo to marry him, what is his reaction?

3. Who is the note that Jo finds from?

4. When Laurie says that he loves Jo, Jo does what?

5. Who else arrives as the March family celebrate?

Short Essay Questions

1. Contrast Professor Bhaer with Laurie. What could possibly draw Jo to one over the other?

2. What does the entire book say about wealth?

3. What is Jo's reaction, in chapter thirty-seven, after Beth's death?

4. How does Laurie help Amy to see the truth about herself and her relationship with Fred in chapter thirty-four?

5. Who arrives, in chapter thirty-eight, besides Laurie, Amy, and Mr. Laurence, and why does that person come?

6. How does Laurie and Amy's Christmas spent together in France affect the major plot line of Jo's relationship with Laurie?

7. In chapter thirty-nine, as she prepares to settle into the Laurence estate, how has Amy's attitude about money and material things changed?

8. How does Jo feel about romantic pursuits, and how do her actions compare or contrast to that?

9. What does chapter thirty-two say about the changeable nature of life and death?

10. How do Jo's rude actions in chapter twenty-six hurt Amy in chapter twenty-seven?

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