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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Amy's first intention toward Laurie?
(a) to cook everything he likes to eat
(b) to keep house well for him
(c) to be a good wife
(d) to help him with his business

2. Amy puts her insecurities about Laurie's affection to rest after what happens?
(a) Jo tells Amy that there's nothing to worry about.
(b) Jo moves to France
(c) Amy and Laurie move to England
(d) Laurie says he's happy for Professor Bhaer and Jo.

3. Laurie appeals to Jo one more time before his trip and she does what?
(a) She says that she loves him too, but can't marry him.
(b) She declines again.
(c) She says that she needs to think things over.
(d) She changes her mind and accepts his marriage proposal.

4. As she reflects on her life, what does Jo say about it?
(a) Her life was full of surprises.
(b) It worked out exactly as planned.
(c) She is happier than she deserves.
(d) She is disappointed about how things turned out.

5. Who is jealous of Amy?
(a) April Chester
(b) June Chester
(c) Christine Chester
(d) May Chester

Short Answer Questions

1. Who else arrives as the March family celebrate?

2. Who agrees that Jo's separation from Laurie would be good?

3. Where do Amy and Laurie choose to live?

4. Beth finally tells Jo what secret?

5. Who is the note that Jo finds from?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Laurie and Amy react to the news of Beth's death, and how do their reactions alter the main story?

2. How does Professor Bhaer effect Jo's character and her choices in chapter thirty?

3. Who arrives, in chapter thirty-eight, besides Laurie, Amy, and Mr. Laurence, and why does that person come?

4. How do Jo's rude actions in chapter twenty-six hurt Amy in chapter twenty-seven?

5. How do Amy and Laurie feel about the possibility of Jo marrying Professor Bhaer?

6. What secret does Beth reveal to Jo at the seashore and what does it say about Beth's mental state?

7. Describe why Amy, rather than Jo, is selected to go abroad with Aunt Carrol, and how Jo feels about the decision.

8. How does the relationship between Jo and Laurie climax in chapter thirty-one?

9. How does Marmee feel about Jo, Beth, and Jo's plan to go to New York so Laurie and Beth can be together?

10. Describe how the romance between Jo and the professor finally blossoms.

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