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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Amy and Laurie choose to live?
(a) New York
(b) France
(c) The Laurence family home.
(d) The March family home.

2. Mrs. March tells Jo that she is concerned about what?
(a) Beth's health
(b) Jo's career as a writer
(c) not having enough food
(d) not having enough money

3. What occasion does Laurie visit Amy for?
(a) Easter
(b) her birthday
(c) Christmas
(d) his birthday

4. While in Europe, Laurie meets up with whom?
(a) Marmee
(b) Aunt March
(c) Meg
(d) Amy

5. Jo is longing for what?
(a) to have another novel published
(b) to see Beth again
(c) a soul mate
(d) to see Amy again

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Beth finally die?

2. Jo refuses to do what until Beth dies?

3. Amy declines whose marriage proposal?

4. Jo does what for Professor Bhaer?

5. What does Laurie intend to do to prove that he is not spoiled?

Short Essay Questions

1. Contrast Professor Bhaer with Laurie. What could possibly draw Jo to one over the other?

2. How does Marmee feel about Jo, Beth, and Jo's plan to go to New York so Laurie and Beth can be together?

3. How does Laurie and Amy's Christmas spent together in France affect the major plot line of Jo's relationship with Laurie?

4. Describe why Amy, rather than Jo, is selected to go abroad with Aunt Carrol, and how Jo feels about the decision.

5. During her talk with Laurie about their relationship, how is Jo's independence once again expressed with relation to the normal role of women in society in that era?

6. What lessons do we learn from Beth's death?

7. How does Jo feel about romantic pursuits, and how do her actions compare or contrast to that?

8. Describe how the romance between Jo and the professor finally blossoms.

9. Who arrives, in chapter thirty-eight, besides Laurie, Amy, and Mr. Laurence, and why does that person come?

10. How does Mrs. March's sixtieth birthday celebration, in the final chapter, mirror the Christmas festivities in the first chapter of the book?

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