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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Amy and Laurie want to use their wealth for?
(a) to buy a new home
(b) to help those less fortunate
(c) to take a trip around the world
(d) to pay for a lavish wedding reception

2. What does aunt Carrol send to the girls?
(a) a cake
(b) books
(c) dresses
(d) a letter

3. As it is time for Laurie to graduate, what happens?
(a) He fails.
(b) He drops out right before graduation.
(c) He graduates with honors.
(d) He just barely graduates.

4. Who else arrives as the March family celebrate?
(a) Hannah Abbot
(b) Mr. Hummel
(c) Professor Bhaer
(d) Fred Vaughn

5. Laurie tries to resolve his feelings by doing what?
(a) writing songs and stories
(b) seeing other women
(c) talking to his grandfather
(d) pretending Jo doesn't exist

Short Answer Questions

1. When Laurie writes to Jo to ask her to return his love, she does what?

2. Professor Bhaer says that he may visit Jo until what happens?

3. Professor Bhaer is from where?

4. Who returns home, in chapter thirty-eight?

5. Laurie and Amy decide to do what together?

Short Essay Questions

1. Christmas is a primary focus, yet again. What does Laurie do for Christmas in chapter thirty-three?

2. In chapter thirty-nine, as she prepares to settle into the Laurence estate, how has Amy's attitude about money and material things changed?

3. How does Mrs. March's sixtieth birthday celebration, in the final chapter, mirror the Christmas festivities in the first chapter of the book?

4. What lessons do we learn from Beth's death?

5. How, in chapter thirty-four, does Amy help Laurie to see himself for who he is and who he used to be and change accordingly?

6. How does Alcott show, through Jo's progression in the book, that women can have many roles in life?

7. Describe how the romance between Jo and the professor finally blossoms.

8. How does Beth's death, in chapter thirty-five, affect the rest of the family?

9. How does Laurie and Amy's Christmas spent together in France affect the major plot line of Jo's relationship with Laurie?

10. How does Jo react to the news that Laurie and Amy are engaged.

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