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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Laurie seems to have lost his sense of what?
(a) humor
(b) sight
(c) smell
(d) purpose

2. What does Jo name her two sons?
(a) Freddy andTeddy
(b) John and Freddy
(c) Rob and Teddy
(d) Rob and John

3. When Jo returns home, she discovers what?
(a) Beth's health is failing.
(b) The family is out of money.
(c) Marmee is visiting a friend.
(d) Mr. March is dead.

4. Jo was not selected to go with Aunt Carrol for what reason?
(a) Aunt Carrol overheard Jo telling Aunt March that she hated Aunt Carrol.
(b) She had to stay home and tend to Beth.
(c) She was too sick to go with Aunt Carrol.
(d) She said that she did not like French on a previous visit with Aunt Carrol.

5. What is Amy's first intention toward Laurie?
(a) to keep house well for him
(b) to cook everything he likes to eat
(c) to help him with his business
(d) to be a good wife

Short Answer Questions

1. Jo asks who to help Amy with her flower table?

2. When Jo learns of Laurie and Amy's engagement, what is her reaction?

3. Who returns home, in chapter thirty-eight?

4. As she reflects on her life, what does Jo say about it?

5. At Christmas, Jo and Professor Bhaer do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter thirty-nine, as she prepares to settle into the Laurence estate, how has Amy's attitude about money and material things changed?

2. How do Amy and Laurie feel about the possibility of Jo marrying Professor Bhaer?

3. How does Beth's death, in chapter thirty-five, affect the rest of the family?

4. How does Jo react to the news that Laurie and Amy are engaged.

5. When Beth gets increasingly depressed and upset, how does Jo plan to raise Beth's spirits in chapter twenty-eight?

6. Describe the significance of Christmas to Jo and the professor in chapter twenty-nine

7. What secret does Beth reveal to Jo at the seashore and what does it say about Beth's mental state?

8. What does chapter thirty-two say about the changeable nature of life and death?

9. In chapter thirty-eight, Laurie and Jo have a final discussion about their relationship and decide what?

10. Contrast Professor Bhaer with Laurie. What could possibly draw Jo to one over the other?

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