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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As summer arrives, Marmee gives Amy and Beth what?
(a) new dresses
(b) a week off from studies
(c) new dolls
(d) extra lessons to keep them busy

2. When Meg gives birth to twins, they decide to name the boy what?
(a) Danny
(b) David
(c) Demi
(d) Donald

3. Who does Jo meet, while trying to avoid the crowds at the party?
(a) Thomas Harrison
(b) Theodore Laurence
(c) Hannah Abbot
(d) Harold Harvey

4. Marmee receives a letter from her husband, who is where?
(a) visiting a friend
(b) serving in the army
(c) in the hospital
(d) visiting his brother

5. Of the following, who does not attend the picnic at Longmeadow?
(a) Mr. Brooke
(b) Jo
(c) Laurie
(d) Hannah

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did the girls visit on their final social call?

2. A rumor is circulating that Mrs. March wants to arrange a match between Laurie and who?

3. Jo does what to raise money for a trip?

4. Amy wants to have a gathering of her friends, which she calls what?

5. Jo goes to the Laurence house and does what unusual thing to get Laurie to let her in?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Alcott illustrate that "pride goes before a fall" and that popularity is not necessarily a good thing in chapter seven, using Amy as an example.

2. Describe the differences between each of the March girls.

3. How do we gain insight into Amy's personality when she goes to stay with Aunt March?

4. How does Jo's attitude in chapter twenty-six effect each of her visits?

5. As we return to Dovecote, how are Meg and John getting along in chapter twenty-five?

6. How does Marmee's attitude about Meg and Mr. Brooke and her children growing up in general illustrate Alcott's progressive views on the position of women in the late 1800s?

7. Explain how Marmee's hope, in chapter nine, that her children will be happy, whether married or single, reflects the changing times when Alcott was writing the book in the 1860s.

8. How, in chapter six, do the girls' attitudes toward their neighbors grow and adapt?

9. How does Jo react to Mr. Brooke taking an interest in Meg?

10. Describe how both Amy and Jo are used to teach a lesson about anger and revenge in chapter eight.

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