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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does each girl find under her pillow one Christmas morning?
(a) some candy
(b) some money
(c) a note
(d) a book

2. Who asks Jo to make social calls with her?
(a) Hannah
(b) Amy
(c) Meg
(d) Marmee

3. What happens to Jo's dress that causes her to be extra shy at the party?
(a) It gets stained.
(b) It gets burned.
(c) It gets ripped.
(d) It gets stepped on.

4. Who does Jo catch cheating at croquet?
(a) Fred
(b) Laurie
(c) Sally
(d) Meg

5. Who is upset about the idea that Meg might marry Mr. Brooke?
(a) Hannah
(b) Jo
(c) Laurie
(d) Amy

Short Answer Questions

1. What secret does Laurie tell Jo?

2. What happens during Mr. and Mrs. Brooke's dinner?

3. The girls create a secret society with what characters based on what?

4. How many stories does Jo tell Laurie she's submitted for publication?

5. Laurie plays a prank in order to do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Amy's family react to her party plan in chapter twenty-three, both before and after the party?

2. Describe Jo's attitude in chapter three and how it defies conventional thinking in that era.

3. How does Marmee's attitude about Meg and Mr. Brooke and her children growing up in general illustrate Alcott's progressive views on the position of women in the late 1800s?

4. Describe Meg's attitude, in chapter eighteen, when she finds out that Laurie sent a letter to her as a prank.

5. What are the girls' feelings toward the role of women in society, and how do they show these feelings in chapter ten?

6. How does Jo react to Mr. Brooke taking an interest in Meg?

7. Describe the ups and downs of Jo's writing experiences in chapter twenty-four.

8. When Laurie says that Jo will be the next to wed, how does Jo react and how does Laurie view her attitude?

9. Describe how the men at the picnic in chapter eleven, Fred Vaughn, Laurie, and Mr. Brooke, reveal their true feelings and their character to the girls.

10. Explain how Marmee's hope, in chapter nine, that her children will be happy, whether married or single, reflects the changing times when Alcott was writing the book in the 1860s.

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