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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jo meet, while trying to avoid the crowds at the party?
(a) Thomas Harrison
(b) Theodore Laurence
(c) Harold Harvey
(d) Hannah Abbot

2. On the day of Amy's planned event, what happens?
(a) The event is postponed due to rain.
(b) Amy becomes too ill to host the event.
(c) Nobody shows up for the event.
(d) The event is a complete success.

3. Chapter 25 updates us on life where?
(a) at Longmeadow
(b) in Washington
(c) at the Dovecote
(d) at the March home

4. Amy receives what sort of lessons from Aunt March?
(a) singing
(b) writing
(c) dancing
(d) art

5. When Meg gives birth to twins, they decide to name the boy what?
(a) Danny
(b) Donald
(c) David
(d) Demi

Short Answer Questions

1. The March girls' names are Meg, Beth, Amy, and what?

2. Who arrives and interrupts a conversation between Meg and Mr. Brooke?

3. Left alone in the library, Jo studies what?

4. What happens during Mr. and Mrs. Brooke's dinner?

5. What gift does Jo get that she has been wanting for a year?

Short Essay Questions

1. How, in chapter six, do the girls' attitudes toward their neighbors grow and adapt?

2. How does Marmee's attitude about Meg and Mr. Brooke and her children growing up in general illustrate Alcott's progressive views on the position of women in the late 1800s?

3. How do we gain insight into Amy's personality when she goes to stay with Aunt March?

4. How is the idea that leisure doesn't pay neatly illustrated by Marmee for all of the girls in chapter eleven?

5. Describe how Amy's planned party for her art school friends goes in chapter twenty-three.

6. How does Jo react to Mr. Brooke taking an interest in Meg?

7. What major event happens to Meg and John after they have been married for a year and how does everyone handle it?

8. What are the girls' feelings toward the role of women in society, and how do they show these feelings in chapter ten?

9. How are Amy and Jo's roles viewed differently, as they go on social calls in chapter twenty-six?

10. Describe how poverty plays a role in chapter two.

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