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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The girls and their families celebrate which of Mrs. March's birthdays?
(a) her sixty-fifth
(b) her sixtieth
(c) her seventieth
(d) her seventy-fifth

2. Mrs. March tells Jo that she is concerned about what?
(a) Beth's health
(b) Jo's career as a writer
(c) not having enough money
(d) not having enough food

3. How does the March family react to Professor Bhaer?
(a) Jo is embarassed by his arrival.
(b) They all welcome him with open arms.
(c) Marmee tells Jo that he would make a good husband for her.
(d) Amy likes him, but Meg does not.

4. Jo does what for Professor Bhaer?
(a) teaches him English
(b) mends his clothes and darns his socks
(c) cleans his house
(d) brings him food

5. Laurie appeals to Jo one more time before his trip and she does what?
(a) She changes her mind and accepts his marriage proposal.
(b) She says that she loves him too, but can't marry him.
(c) She says that she needs to think things over.
(d) She declines again.

6. What do Amy and Laurie want to use their wealth for?
(a) to help those less fortunate
(b) to pay for a lavish wedding reception
(c) to take a trip around the world
(d) to buy a new home

7. Laurie and Amy decide what about each other?
(a) They hate each other.
(b) They don't get along with others.
(c) They should just be friends.
(d) They love each other.

8. What does Beth tell Jo about Beth's health?
(a) She has accepted that she is dying.
(b) She is afraid.
(c) She is not going to die.
(d) She doesn't want to die.

9. What does Laurie tell Jo about the relationship they have?
(a) He hates her now.
(b) He will always love her as a sister and Amy as a wife.
(c) He will always wish they had married.
(d) He will love her until the day he dies.

10. Jo begins writing children's stories so she can keep the respect of whom?
(a) Marmee
(b) Beth
(c) Laurie
(d) Professor Bhaer

11. The professor and Jo meet for walks for how long?
(a) six months
(b) two weeks
(c) six weeks
(d) a year

12. Who else arrives as the March family celebrate?
(a) Fred Vaughn
(b) Mr. Hummel
(c) Hannah Abbot
(d) Professor Bhaer

13. Laurie visits Amy where?
(a) Brussels, Belgium
(b) Nice, France
(c) London, England
(d) Paris, France

14. What does the note that Jo finds say?
(a) Wait for me, my friend.
(b) Goodbye dear friend.
(c) Dear Jo, I love you.
(d) Wait for me, my love.

15. Beth finally tells Jo what secret?
(a) She loves Jo, no matter how often they've argued in the past.
(b) She truely does love Laurie.
(c) She saw Laurie's vitality and cried because she knew she was dying.
(d) She hid some money under her bed that Jo can have after she is gone.

Short Answer Questions

1. As it is time for Laurie to graduate, what happens?

2. Jo finds a note where?

3. What news do Laurie and Amy give everyone?

4. Mrs. March does not agree with Jo about what?

5. Jo feels alone because of what?

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