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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the note that Jo finds say?
(a) Wait for me, my friend.
(b) Goodbye dear friend.
(c) Dear Jo, I love you.
(d) Wait for me, my love.

2. Professor Bhaer begins to do what for Jo?
(a) buy her gifts
(b) teach her German
(c) edit her writing
(d) pick up her mail

3. Beth refuses to go on a trip where?
(a) to the mountains
(b) to France
(c) to Washington
(d) to the ocean

4. Laurie tells Amy that he is upset because of what?
(a) Jo rejected him.
(b) His grandfather told him not to return home.
(c) Amy is going to marry Fred.
(d) Jo is ill.

5. Where do Amy and Laurie choose to live?
(a) The Laurence family home.
(b) The March family home.
(c) New York
(d) France

6. Jo was not selected to go with Aunt Carrol for what reason?
(a) She had to stay home and tend to Beth.
(b) She said that she did not like French on a previous visit with Aunt Carrol.
(c) Aunt Carrol overheard Jo telling Aunt March that she hated Aunt Carrol.
(d) She was too sick to go with Aunt Carrol.

7. Beth finally tells Jo what secret?
(a) She saw Laurie's vitality and cried because she knew she was dying.
(b) She truely does love Laurie.
(c) She hid some money under her bed that Jo can have after she is gone.
(d) She loves Jo, no matter how often they've argued in the past.

8. Professor Bhaer is caring for whom?
(a) his aging parents
(b) his two orphaned nephews
(c) his two orphaned nieces
(d) his ailing sister

9. Laurie seems to have lost his sense of what?
(a) sight
(b) humor
(c) smell
(d) purpose

10. Jo determines that Beth is sad because of what?
(a) She thinks Beth is tired of being too sick to go out.
(b) She thinks Beth misses Meg.
(c) She thinks Beth misses Amy
(d) She thinks Beth is in love with Laurie.

11. Laurie and Amy do what together?
(a) attend a party
(b) read a book
(c) paint a portrait
(d) have dinner

12. Jo begins to write for what publication?
(a) The Weekly Flood
(b) The Weekly Tornado
(c) The Weekly Earthquake
(d) The Weekly Volcano

13. The professor and Jo meet for walks for how long?
(a) six months
(b) two weeks
(c) six weeks
(d) a year

14. What is the name of the house left to Jo and Professor Bhaer?
(a) Hattonfield
(b) Plumfield
(c) Brimfield
(d) Springfield

15. When Jo prepares to return home, Professor Bhaer gives her what gift?
(a) violets
(b) lilies
(c) chocolates
(d) roses

Short Answer Questions

1. As it is time for Laurie to graduate, what happens?

2. When Jo realizes that Professor Bhaer is probably there to woo her, what is her reaction?

3. Jo feels alone because of what?

4. Amy accepts an offer to do what?

5. Laurie asks Jo if she loves the professor and Jo says what?

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