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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is jealous of Amy?
(a) Christine Chester
(b) April Chester
(c) June Chester
(d) May Chester

2. Jo was not selected to go with Aunt Carrol for what reason?
(a) Aunt Carrol overheard Jo telling Aunt March that she hated Aunt Carrol.
(b) She said that she did not like French on a previous visit with Aunt Carrol.
(c) She was too sick to go with Aunt Carrol.
(d) She had to stay home and tend to Beth.

3. When Jo realizes that Professor Bhaer is probably there to woo her, what is her reaction?
(a) She is embarassed in front of her family.
(b) She likes the idea.
(c) She is confused and asks him for time to think things through.
(d) She hates the idea.

4. Professor Bhaer is caring for whom?
(a) his aging parents
(b) his two orphaned nephews
(c) his ailing sister
(d) his two orphaned nieces

5. Jo does what for Professor Bhaer?
(a) mends his clothes and darns his socks
(b) teaches him English
(c) brings him food
(d) cleans his house

6. As Jo is walking home in the rain, who covers her with his umbrella?
(a) Laurie
(b) Mr. Laurence
(c) Professor Bhaer
(d) Mr. Hummel

7. Jo determines that Beth is sad because of what?
(a) She thinks Beth is in love with Laurie.
(b) She thinks Beth misses Meg.
(c) She thinks Beth is tired of being too sick to go out.
(d) She thinks Beth misses Amy

8. When Laurie writes to Jo to ask her to return his love, she does what?
(a) travels to Europe to see him in person
(b) declines
(c) accepts
(d) suggests that he travel home and ask her in person

9. What does aunt Carrol send to the girls?
(a) books
(b) a letter
(c) dresses
(d) a cake

10. Who dies and leaves Jo and Professor Bhaer a house?
(a) Aunt Carrol
(b) Marmee
(c) Mr. Laurence
(d) Aunt March

11. What do Jo and Professor Bhaer use their new house for?
(a) a school for girls
(b) a school for boys
(c) a newspaper office
(d) a home for orphans

12. What news do Laurie and Amy give everyone?
(a) They have been married for three months.
(b) They plan to marry in three months.
(c) They plan to be married in six weeks.
(d) They were married six weeks earlier.

13. Professor Bhaer is from where?
(a) Berlin, Germany
(b) Washington DC
(c) London, England
(d) New York City, New York

14. What is the name of the house left to Jo and Professor Bhaer?
(a) Hattonfield
(b) Brimfield
(c) Springfield
(d) Plumfield

15. Professor Bhaer begins to do what for Jo?
(a) buy her gifts
(b) edit her writing
(c) pick up her mail
(d) teach her German

Short Answer Questions

1. Laurie admires what about Amy?

2. While in Europe, Laurie meets up with whom?

3. At Christmas, Jo and Professor Bhaer do what?

4. Laurie extends his stay in Nice with whom?

5. What does Laurie tell Jo about the relationship they have?

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