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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. March tells Jo what about her writing?
(a) She should write a novel.
(b) She should not write for a living.
(c) Her writing is perfect just the way it is.
(d) She can do better than writing such popular tales.

2. Jo's novel finally sells for what amount?
(a) $100
(b) $300
(c) $1,000
(d) $500

3. On the day of Amy's planned event, what happens?
(a) The event is a complete success.
(b) The event is postponed due to rain.
(c) Amy becomes too ill to host the event.
(d) Nobody shows up for the event.

4. A baby dies of what?
(a) scarlet fever
(b) smallpox
(c) yellow fever
(d) malnutrition

5. At dinnertime, Beth tells the family about seeing Mr. Laurence buy what at the market?
(a) a fish
(b) a bouquet of flowers
(c) a watch
(d) a melon

6. Who do the girls decide to allow in the club?
(a) Jenny
(b) Laurie
(c) Hannah
(d) Marmee

7. The girls create a secret society with what characters based on what?
(a) Jo's imagination
(b) The Pickwick Papers
(c) suggestions from Marmee
(d) Pilgrim's Progress

8. After brutal editing, Jo finally has what published?
(a) a short story
(b) her first novel
(c) her second novel
(d) a newspaper article

9. Who writes a note allegedly from Mr. Brooke to Meg?
(a) Amy
(b) Jo
(c) Laurie
(d) Beth

10. How is Amy punished at school?
(a) She is expelled.
(b) She gets detained after school.
(c) Her hands are slapped.
(d) She has to write lines.

11. Marmee and Mr. Brooke go where?
(a) Pennsylvania
(b) New York
(c) Washington
(d) Florida

12. Mr. and Mrs. Brooke have their first argument about what silly thing?
(a) what to have for dinner
(b) a dress that Meg wants
(c) a jam incident
(d) a newspaper article

13. Laurie does what during one of the girl's club meetings?
(a) He steps out of the closet.
(b) He hides under the bed.
(c) He throws a stone at the window.
(d) He knocks on the door.

14. Jo uses the money she makes to send who on vacation?
(a) Amy and Meg
(b) Beth and Amy
(c) herself and Laurie
(d) Marmee and Beth

15. Chapter 25 updates us on life where?
(a) at the Dovecote
(b) at Longmeadow
(c) at the March home
(d) in Washington

Short Answer Questions

1. After a baby dies in her arms, who becomes deathly ill herself?

2. What happens to Jo's dress that causes her to be extra shy at the party?

3. What is the name of Aunt March's maid?

4. What family does Marmee ask the girls to check on?

5. Jo goes to the Laurence house and does what unusual thing to get Laurie to let her in?

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