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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is upset about the idea that Meg might marry Mr. Brooke?
(a) Hannah
(b) Jo
(c) Amy
(d) Laurie

2. Laurie starts what in the garden?
(a) singing songs
(b) a game of croquet
(c) a dance
(d) a picnic lunch

3. Left alone in the library, Jo studies what?
(a) a paper on the desk
(b) a portrait of Mr. Laurence
(c) a portrait of Laurie
(d) a book

4. As summer arrives, Marmee gives Amy and Beth what?
(a) new dresses
(b) new dolls
(c) a week off from studies
(d) extra lessons to keep them busy

5. Who does Jo catch cheating at croquet?
(a) Fred
(b) Sally
(c) Meg
(d) Laurie

6. Laurie tells Jo that one of his college friends is smitten with whom?
(a) Hannah
(b) Jo
(c) Beth
(d) Amy

7. Mr. Brooke comes to the house to retrieve what?
(a) his hat
(b) his umbrella
(c) his coat
(d) his book

8. After the holidays Meg gets a job as what?
(a) a teacher
(b) a cook
(c) a seamstress
(d) a governess

9. Who asks Jo to make social calls with her?
(a) Meg
(b) Hannah
(c) Marmee
(d) Amy

10. A baby dies of what?
(a) scarlet fever
(b) smallpox
(c) yellow fever
(d) malnutrition

11. When Mr. and Mrs. March find out that Mr. Brooke wants to court Meg, they say what?
(a) Meg cannot Marry Mr. Brooke at all.
(b) Meg can marry immediately.
(c) Meg can Marry Mr. Brooke in a year.
(d) Meg can marry when she turns twenty.

12. What instrument does Mr. Laurence use to convince Beth to visit more often?
(a) piano
(b) drum
(c) flute
(d) violin

13. What secret does Laurie tell Jo?
(a) He saw Mr. Brooke kiss Meg.
(b) He saw Mr. Brooke carrying Meg's glove.
(c) He found a letter that Mr. Brook wrote to Meg.
(d) He saw Mr. Brooke watching Meg.

14. Laurie has not been out since the party because of what?
(a) He had a cold.
(b) He had to study.
(c) The weather was too bad.
(d) Mr. Laurence made him stay in.

15. What does each girl find under her pillow one Christmas morning?
(a) a book
(b) some money
(c) some candy
(d) a note

Short Answer Questions

1. Meg gives birth after the Brookes have been married for how long?

2. What is the last name of the family that the girls give their Christmas breakfast to?

3. When Meg gives birth to twins, they decide to name the boy what?

4. After a baby dies in her arms, who becomes deathly ill herself?

5. Mr. Laurence gives Beth a gift that originally belonged to whom?

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