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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jo submits a story to a writing contest and wins how much prize money?
(a) $50
(b) $25
(c) $500
(d) $100

2. Mr. Laurence gives Beth a gift that originally belonged to whom?
(a) his wife
(b) his granddaughter
(c) his daughter
(d) his grandson

3. The girls create a secret society with what characters based on what?
(a) suggestions from Marmee
(b) Jo's imagination
(c) The Pickwick Papers
(d) Pilgrim's Progress

4. On the third social call, the girls pay a visit to whom?
(a) Mr. Tudor
(b) Mr. Tucker
(c) Mr. Turner
(d) Mr. Thomas

5. After a baby dies in her arms, who becomes deathly ill herself?
(a) Amy
(b) Meg
(c) Beth
(d) Jo

6. To get even with Jo for not letting her go to a play, Amy does what?
(a) She burns Jo's manuscript.
(b) She rips Jo's dress.
(c) She throws Jo's favorite doll away.
(d) She tells everyone a bad rumor about Jo.

7. Where is Meg's wedding held?
(a) at Aunt March's house
(b) in a church
(c) outside at Longmeadow
(d) in the March home

8. As summer arrives, Marmee gives Amy and Beth what?
(a) new dolls
(b) new dresses
(c) extra lessons to keep them busy
(d) a week off from studies

9. The March's receive a telegram saying what?
(a) Mr. March is dead.
(b) Mr. March is coming home.
(c) Mr. March is very ill.
(d) Mr. March is missing.

10. Left alone in the library, Jo studies what?
(a) a paper on the desk
(b) a book
(c) a portrait of Laurie
(d) a portrait of Mr. Laurence

11. After the holidays Meg gets a job as what?
(a) a teacher
(b) a seamstress
(c) a cook
(d) a governess

12. Meg gives birth after the Brookes have been married for how long?
(a) five years
(b) three years
(c) a year
(d) seven years

13. What does the breakfast consist of while Marmee is taking her day off?
(a) scorched bacon and eggs
(b) dry toast and bitter tea
(c) scorched eggs and bitter tea
(d) bad coffee and dry toast

14. Who does Jo catch cheating at croquet?
(a) Sally
(b) Meg
(c) Fred
(d) Laurie

15. At dinnertime, Beth tells the family about seeing Mr. Laurence buy what at the market?
(a) a fish
(b) a watch
(c) a bouquet of flowers
(d) a melon

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jo meet, while trying to avoid the crowds at the party?

2. What is the name of the story that Jo has published?

3. Who do the girls decide to allow in the club?

4. What family does Marmee ask the girls to check on?

5. What does each girl find under her pillow one Christmas morning?

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