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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many guests arrive for Amy's party?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 3

2. Marmee and Mr. Brooke go where?
(a) Pennsylvania
(b) New York
(c) Florida
(d) Washington

3. Jo submits a story to a writing contest and wins how much prize money?
(a) $100
(b) $50
(c) $500
(d) $25

4. How long has passed since the last time we saw the March girls?
(a) 15 years
(b) 10 years
(c) 13 years
(d) 3 years

5. Mr. March tells Jo what about her writing?
(a) She should write a novel.
(b) She should not write for a living.
(c) Her writing is perfect just the way it is.
(d) She can do better than writing such popular tales.

6. In chapter twenty-four, Jo devotes herself to doing what?
(a) marrying Laurie
(b) caring for Mr. March
(c) caring for Beth
(d) writing a novel

7. To thank Mr. Laurence for being so kind, Beth makes him what?
(a) a cake
(b) slippers
(c) cookies
(d) a blanket

8. What does Jo now spend her time doing?
(a) housekeeping for Mr. Brooke
(b) caring for Beth
(c) caring for Aunt March
(d) writing romance novels

9. What happens to Jo's dress that causes her to be extra shy at the party?
(a) It gets stepped on.
(b) It gets burned.
(c) It gets ripped.
(d) It gets stained.

10. How many social calls do the girls go on?
(a) five
(b) six
(c) seven
(d) four

11. Mr. and Mrs. Brooke have their first argument about what silly thing?
(a) a dress that Meg wants
(b) a jam incident
(c) a newspaper article
(d) what to have for dinner

12. Who tells Meg that they are not impressed by her "fuss and feathers" at the party?
(a) Laurie
(b) Annie
(c) Beth
(d) Jo

13. Why does Amy want to wear a ring?
(a) to remind her of Jo
(b) to remind her of Laurie
(c) to remind her not to get angry
(d) to remind her not to be selfish

14. Of the following, who does not attend the picnic at Longmeadow?
(a) Laurie
(b) Mr. Brooke
(c) Jo
(d) Hannah

15. Where is Meg's wedding held?
(a) outside at Longmeadow
(b) at Aunt March's house
(c) in the March home
(d) in a church

Short Answer Questions

1. The March girls' names are Meg, Beth, Amy, and what?

2. Marmee receives a letter from her husband, who is where?

3. A rumor is circulating that Mrs. March wants to arrange a match between Laurie and who?

4. Jo uses the money she makes to send who on vacation?

5. Who is sent to Aunt March's house?

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