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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occasion does Laurie visit Amy for?
(a) her birthday
(b) his birthday
(c) Easter
(d) Christmas

2. Meg is invited to whose house for two weeks?
(a) Annie Moffat's
(b) Christine Harrison's
(c) Hannah Abbot's
(d) Laurie Laurence's

3. Professor Bhaer says that he may visit Jo until what happens?
(a) His nephew dies.
(b) He realizes that Laurie may be more than Jo's friend.
(c) He gets deathly ill.
(d) He falls in love with someone else.

4. Who tells Meg that they are not impressed by her "fuss and feathers" at the party?
(a) Beth
(b) Jo
(c) Annie
(d) Laurie

5. Laurie asks Jo if she loves the professor and Jo says what?
(a) I love him with all my heart.
(b) I haven't the least idea of loving him or anybody else.
(c) I don't know who I love.
(d) We plan to be married next year.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job does Jo plan to take for the winter?

2. When Mr. and Mrs. March find out that Mr. Brooke wants to court Meg, they say what?

3. On the third social call, the girls pay a visit to whom?

4. Amy wants to have a gathering of her friends, which she calls what?

5. When Jo prepares to return home, Professor Bhaer gives her what gift?

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