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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What job does Jo plan to take for the winter?
(a) writer
(b) tutor
(c) housekeeper
(d) cook

2. What occasion does Laurie visit Amy for?
(a) his birthday
(b) her birthday
(c) Easter
(d) Christmas

3. When Beth realizes she is dying, how does she take it?
(a) She goes on a trip to France.
(b) She marries quickly.
(c) She starts to take more chances and be more adventuresome.
(d) She faces it the same way she lived her life.

4. Why does Amy want to wear a ring?
(a) to remind her of Jo
(b) to remind her of Laurie
(c) to remind her not to be selfish
(d) to remind her not to get angry

5. Who are the least enthusiastic about Amy's party?
(a) Marmee and Beth
(b) Jo and Laurie
(c) Jo and Hannah
(d) Hannah and Laurie

Short Answer Questions

1. Laurie appeals to Jo one more time before his trip and she does what?

2. After the holidays Meg gets a job as what?

3. Jo plans to go where for the winter?

4. Laurie asks Jo if she loves the professor and Jo says what?

5. Beth does what as she is slowly dying?

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