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Civil War

During this event, from 1861-1865, the March girls' father is away. Because their father is gone and because of this event, the March family is forced to give up many things.

Pilgrim's Progress

A book by John Bunyan, this is a biblical allegory about a man named Christian and his journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. The March girls played a game of this when they were younger. They would carry "burdens" and hike from the cellar, which they called the City of Destruction, to the attic, which was the Celestial City. During this story, they often refer to this game, as it helps them get through the difficult wartime and family struggles.


This is the name of the rat in the attic that Jo befriends and that eats her manuscripts.

Beth's dolls

Beth takes in and cares for these when...

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