Little Women Character Descriptions

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Professor Friedrich

On her trip to New York, Jo meets this person, a German man with a thick accent. He is a stout, educated, older man who takes care of his two orphaned nephews, Franz and Emil. Because he is a bachelor, he undertakes such domestic tasks as cleaning and darning his own socks.

Mr. John Brooke

This person is Laurie's tutor.

Although Mr. Laurence offers to help this person, the young man refuses, preferring to make his own way without incurring any debt. He takes a job as a clerk and earns a modest living for himself and his new bride.


This person is the March family's housekeeper. She is colorful and energetic, and she loves the family dearly. She has been with the family since Mr. and Mrs. March married, and she gave Mrs. March her first cooking lessons.

Mr. Laurence

This person is Laurie's...

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