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Part 1: Chapter 1 | Part 1: Chapter 2

• The four sisters, Meg, Beth, Jo and Amy are introduced.

• They discuss how bleak their Christmas will be due to the war and their father being away

• Each sister's appearance is briefly described

• Marmee, the mother, arrives and the girls decide to get gifts for her, rather than each other.

• The girls receive a letter from their father, who is a chaplain in the Union Army.

• On Christmas morning, each girl gets a book.

• Marmee tells the girls about the Hummels, a family with no food.

• The girls give their food to the Hummels.

• Mr. Laurence, the neighbor, hears of this act of kindness and surprises the girls with a dinner.

Part 1: Chapter 3 | Part 1: Chapter 4

• Meg and Jo are invited to a New Year's Eve dance.

• Jo is uncomfortable at the dance and has a burn on her dress, so she hides in an...

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