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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who instructs Alexandra to go pick up her father?
(a) Cal.
(b) Reggie.
(c) Addie.
(d) Birdie.

2. Who suggests the unlikely marriage?
(a) Leo.
(b) Ben.
(c) Oscar.
(d) Horace.

3. What does Oscar like about Jekyll Island?
(a) The pecans there are huge.
(b) Getting away from his wife.
(c) The scenery.
(d) It has great shooting.

4. As the family discusses their dreams, who is being conspicuously quiet?
(a) Ben.
(b) Regina.
(c) Leo.
(d) Alexandra.

5. Who are the heirs to the family's wealth?
(a) Ben and Oscar.
(b) Alexandra and Leo.
(c) Regina and Birdie.
(d) Addie and Cal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who discreetly agrees with Birdie's dislike for her husband's hobby?

2. What term does Mr. Marshall use in referring to the family?

3. How does the Hubbard family acquire the Lionnet?

4. Who cooked the special dinner in Act 1?

5. Which of Regina's brothers isn't married?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Horace return downstairs after arguing with Regina in Act 2?

2. Briefly describe Addie.

3. What is the real reason Mr. Marshall wants to build a mill in the southern town?

4. According to Ben, why does his family now own Lionnet?

5. Why does Mr. Marshall say he wants to build a mill in the southern town?

6. What is the argument between Regina and her brothers at the end of Act 2?

7. What does Birdie say about her marriage to Oscar in Act 3?

8. What does Horace reveal to Regina about his will in Act 3?

9. How does the audience know Alexandra will really leave?

10. How much time has passed since Act 1 and how does Act 2 open?

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