The Little Foxes Character Descriptions

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Addie - This character lacks the social status to fight for justice, but has a keen sense of it.

Ben - See Benjamin Hubbard

Cal - This character indirectly protests the useless killing of animals.

Alexandra Giddens - Mistrust turns to all-out dislike for this character at the end of the play.

Horace Giddens - This character has high moral convictions, but lacks the physical and emotional fortitude to fight for justice.

Regina Giddens - This character happens into a situation that becomes favorable to a blackmail scheme.

Benjamin Hubbard - This character owns a dry goods store, building a local empire by cheating and overcharging black customers.

Birdie Hubbard - This character once innocently enjoyed coming-out parties at the plantation known as Lionnet.

Leo Hubbard - This character peaks into a safe deposit box at the bank.

Oscar Hubbard - This character develops a scheme...

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