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Act 1

• Play opens in the Giddens House located in the deep South. The year is 1900.

• Housekeeper Addie and butler Cal show the first indication of an important dinner/celebration going on.

• Cal brings a special bottle of port and Addie arranges it and glasses on the table in the parlor.

• Birdie compliments Addie on the delicious dinner and asks Cal to send one of the kitchen boys to her house to retrieve an album.

• Birdie explains that the dinner guest, Mr. Marshall, is interested in the music album and she wants to show it to him before he leaves.

• Birdie's husband, Oscar, enters and chastises her for making such a fuss over the album. He calls off the errand to go retrieve the album.

• Leo, Birdie and Oscar's son, enters the parlor and says the dinner guests are on their way to the parlor.

• Regina Giddens enters the...

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