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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pa wonder when they hear the Indian war cry over and over?
(a) How the Indians learned to make the war cry
(b) How many he can kill before they get his family
(c) If the Scotts and Mr. Edwards could hear the Indians
(d) If the Indians are coming that night

2. Why did the cattle move so slowly?
(a) They ground was too rocky to run
(b) The cowboys' horses moved slowly
(c) The herd was mostly cows with calves
(d) They stopped to eat a lot

3. What happens to Laura when she falls asleep waiting for her Pa to come home?
(a) Nothing happens to her
(b) She falls asleep at the kitchen table
(c) She goes to sleep and falls off the bench
(d) She begins to hear Indians at the door

4. Why does Pa chain Jack to the stable door at night?
(a) To keep him from running off
(b) Jack likes to sleep with the horses
(c) Mr. Edwards’ horses had been stolen
(d) Jack cannot sleep in the house when Pa is there

5. What does Laura do with the stick that is on fire on the cabin floor?
(a) Throws it outside
(b) Throws a bucket of water on it
(c) Stomps it out
(d) Throws it in the fireplace

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ma say she and the girls would have done if the fire had come while Pa was gone?

2. How do Pa and Ma fight the fire?

3. What do the pioneers call malaria?

4. Who does Pa say has ridden past the house in the night?

5. What do the girls wear to bed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Pa take Mary and Laura in Chapter 14 and what do they find there?

2. Why do the girls worry about Christmas and the family worry about Mr. Edwards?

3. What can the settlers hear from the Indians and how are the settlers feeling about what they hear?

4. How does a prairie fire appear and what do Ma and Pa do about it? What is the result of their efforts?

5. What do Pa and Mr. Scott hit before they get water in the well and what does Laura think of the water?

6. What does the family end up getting from the cattlemen and what does Pa get from it that night?

7. What do Mr. Scott and Mr. Edwards think about the prairie and what how do they feel about the Indians getting together?

8. How does Mr. Edwards get to the Ingalls for Christmas and what does he bring with him?

9. What does Pa do after the Indians quiet down and some leave? Who does he meet and what does Pa find out about the Indians?

10. Who helps the Ingalls family when they are sick and how do they help them?

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