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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pa think caused the illness?
(a) The mosquitoes
(b) The night air
(c) The cow's milk
(d) He has no opinion

2. What does Pa say the noise from the Indians is?
(a) A war chant
(b) A dance
(c) Their spring meetup
(d) A jamboree

3. Why were there small holes in the ground at the Indian camp?
(a) The camp was on the outskirts of a prairie dog community
(b) The holes were from teepee poles
(c) The Indians used the holes for a game they played
(d) The holes were from drying racks for the Indians’ meat

4. What happens to Mr. Edwards when he visits them after Pa goes to Independence?
(a) Jack chases him up the woodpile
(b) Nothing happens to him
(c) He breaks his finger using the axe
(d) He sprains his ankle

5. What does Pa bring into the house the day before Christmas?
(a) A small boar
(b) A large turkey
(c) A wooly mammoth
(d) Five quail

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ma do when an Indian comes in the house and speaks to Pa?

2. What does Pa tell Ma the folks in Independence are saying about the Indians?

3. What happens to Laura when she falls asleep waiting for her Pa to come home?

4. What surprise does Pa bring Ma from Independence?

5. What does Ma say she feels after they watch the last of the Indians go by?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pa agree to do for the cattlemen who come by the house and what do they offer him?

2. What keeps the family awake for several nights and what does Laura see when it finally stops?

3. How does the Ingalls family become sick?

4. Why does the family worry about Pa getting back from Independence and what does he manage to bring with him without breaking it?

5. Where does Pa take Mary and Laura in Chapter 14 and what do they find there?

6. What does Pa eat when he feels better and what does Mrs. Scott think of his choice of foods?

7. What happens when Mr. Edwards stops by to do chores when Pa goes to Independence?

8. What does Pa say is the scream and how is the problem solved?

9. How do Mary and Laura find out there is something going on with the Indians and what does Pa say is happening?

10. How does a prairie fire appear and what do Ma and Pa do about it? What is the result of their efforts?

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