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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Laura bolt upright in the bed and scream?
(a) She thought she saw an Indian looking in through the window
(b) Jack is growling through the window
(c) A noise has frightened her
(d) She has a nightmare

2. What does Ma say she and the girls would have done if the fire had come while Pa was gone?
(a) Stayed in the house
(b) Gone to the Indian camp
(c) Run to Mr. Edwards
(d) Gone to the creek

3. Who is leading the Indians who ride past the house in Chapter 27?
(a) Chief Du Chene
(b) Chief Running Iron
(c) Five Indian chiefs
(d) American cavalrymen

4. What does Pa make Ma while he is recovering from the illness?
(a) A hair brush
(b) A rocking chair
(c) A spinning wheel
(d) A bread box

5. What happens to Laura when she falls asleep waiting for her Pa to come home?
(a) She goes to sleep and falls off the bench
(b) She begins to hear Indians at the door
(c) She falls asleep at the kitchen table
(d) Nothing happens to her

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Edwards say he did to get to the Ingalls house Christmas morning?

2. What does Pa tell Laura the government will do about the Indians?

3. What kind of berries do Ma and Laura go to pick?

4. What does Pa do when he decides to take Jack to the Indian camp with him?

5. Who is giving Laura medicine when she wakes up one day?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pa say is the scream and how is the problem solved?

2. What does Pa eat when he feels better and what does Mrs. Scott think of his choice of foods?

3. What does Pa begin to do in the spring and why is he doing it?

4. How do Mary and Laura find out there is something going on with the Indians and what does Pa say is happening?

5. What happens when Mr. Edwards stops by to do chores when Pa goes to Independence?

6. What do Mary and Laura do with their findings from the Indian village?

7. What does Pa do after the Indians quiet down and some leave? Who does he meet and what does Pa find out about the Indians?

8. What can the settlers hear from the Indians and how are the settlers feeling about what they hear?

9. Why do the girls worry about Christmas and the family worry about Mr. Edwards?

10. What happens one day when the chimney catches on fire?

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