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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the men taking the cattle?
(a) Fort Laramie
(b) Kansas City
(c) Fort Dodge
(d) Independence

2. Who does Pa say has ridden past the house in the night?
(a) The Osage Pa has talked to
(b) Some soldiers
(c) Mr. Edwards
(d) No one he knows

3. What does Pa tell Ma the folks in Independence are saying about the Indians?
(a) The Indians are going to start a war
(b) The Indians are going to leave for the west
(c) The Indians have said only the people there now can stay
(d) The government is going to make the white people leave the Indain land

4. Why was Bunny shut in the stable?
(a) So she would not follow her mother
(b) She has a lame leg
(c) She has colic
(d) She is ready to birth a colt

5. Who is taking care of the family when they are sick?
(a) Mrs. Scott
(b) Mr. Edwards
(c) The two bachelors
(d) No one

6. What does Pa say is the reason the prairie was burned?
(a) Someone became careless with a campfire
(b) Lightning struck the prairie somewhere
(c) The Indians set it to drive off the white settlers
(d) Indians do it every year to make a clear way for their horses

7. How did the cowboys and Pa bring a cow to their homestead?
(a) They hobbled her legs so she could not run
(b) They pulled her by ropes tied to her horns
(c) They drove her with a herd dog
(d) They walked her on a rope

8. Who is giving Laura medicine when she wakes up one day?
(a) Ma
(b) Dr. Kotte
(c) Dr. Tan
(d) An Indian medicine man

9. What surprise does Pa bring Ma from Independence?
(a) Glass for the windows
(b) A new bolt of blue cloth
(c) Two new pots and a hair comb
(d) A baby crib

10. What kind of special treat does Pa bring from Independence?
(a) Pickles and crackers
(b) Cookies
(c) Cakes
(d) Sausage

11. What was in the very bottom of the girls’ stockings?
(a) A chocolate heart
(b) A handful of Indian beads
(c) A small necklace
(d) A shiny, new penny

12. What does Pa wonder when they hear the Indian war cry over and over?
(a) How the Indians learned to make the war cry
(b) If the Indians are coming that night
(c) If the Scotts and Mr. Edwards could hear the Indians
(d) How many he can kill before they get his family

13. What happens to Laura when she falls asleep waiting for her Pa to come home?
(a) She begins to hear Indians at the door
(b) She falls asleep at the kitchen table
(c) She goes to sleep and falls off the bench
(d) Nothing happens to her

14. What game do Mary and Laura play with Carrie?
(a) Go Call the Goose
(b) Hide-and-Seek
(c) Patty-cake
(d) Round the Bedstead

15. Why does Pa bring Jack into the house the night he stops plowing early?
(a) Jack needs a bath too
(b) The Indians are making more and more noise
(c) He is going over to the Scotts
(d) The girls want to play with him

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pa do when he comes in early from plowing?

2. What does Laura do with the stick that is on fire on the cabin floor?

3. What does Pa say is the reasons the Indians are leaving in different directions?

4. Where is Pa when the chimney catches on fire?

5. What does Pa see that makes him say it is time for him to return to Independence?

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