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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pa chain Jack to the stable door at night?
(a) To keep him from running off
(b) Jack likes to sleep with the horses
(c) Mr. Edwards’ horses had been stolen
(d) Jack cannot sleep in the house when Pa is there

2. Who told Pa that the Indians wanted to kill all the settlers?
(a) Mr. Scott
(b) An Osage Indian
(c) No one
(d) A soldier who came by the house.

3. Why does Pa bring Jack into the house the night he stops plowing early?
(a) The girls want to play with him
(b) He is going over to the Scotts
(c) The Indians are making more and more noise
(d) Jack needs a bath too

4. What does Mr. Edwards say he did to get to the Ingalls house Christmas morning?
(a) He went to Independence first and came from that direction
(b) He felled a tree at the creek to join up with the one Ma and Pa put there
(c) He left two days before to go around the creek
(d) He took off his clothes and swam the creek

5. What wakes the Ingalls in the night and causes Pa to jump out of his bed?
(a) The horses squealing
(b) A woman screaming
(c) Wolves banging on the door
(d) Indians surrounding the house and yelling

6. What do the cowboys tell Pa they will give him for his help?
(a) A new cow
(b) Two cows and a bull
(c) A cow, a bull, and a calf
(d) A side of beef

7. Who is leading the Indians who ride past the house in Chapter 27?
(a) Chief Running Iron
(b) Chief Du Chene
(c) American cavalrymen
(d) Five Indian chiefs

8. What is in the middle of the combs Pa brings Mary and Laura?
(a) A star
(b) A dog's head
(c) A flower
(d) A triangle with flowers

9. How does Pa get his boots off?
(a) He never takes them off
(b) Ma helps him
(c) He uses a shoe horn
(d) He uses a bootjack

10. What does Pa do when he decides to take Jack to the Indian camp with him?
(a) Leaves his gun for Ma
(b) Makes Jack a long leash
(c) Makes a quick collar for Jack out of an old belt
(d) Pours water into a canteen for Jack to drink

11. What task must soon be done as the spring comes?
(a) Digging a new cellar
(b) Plowing
(c) Buying new land
(d) Building a bridge

12. What was in the very bottom of the girls’ stockings?
(a) A handful of Indian beads
(b) A small necklace
(c) A shiny, new penny
(d) A chocolate heart

13. Who is taking care of the family when they are sick?
(a) No one
(b) Mrs. Scott
(c) Mr. Edwards
(d) The two bachelors

14. What does Mr. Edwards tell Ma about the Indians?
(a) They are meeting with the government next week
(b) They attacked the two bachelors last night
(c) They are all camped in the shelter of the bluffs
(d) They have all left

15. What does Ma do when an Indian comes in the house and speaks to Pa?
(a) Sends the girls to the barn
(b) Makes both Pa and the Indian dinner
(c) She ties Jack to the bed and hides Pa’s pistol
(d) Sits down with Pa and the Indian

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Laura get Mary water when the family is sick?

2. What does Pa tell Ma to do when he hands her four dead geese?

3. What does Ma say she feels after they watch the last of the Indians go by?

4. What does Pa say about the old trail by the house?

5. Who does Pa say has ridden past the house in the night?

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