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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pa look pleased when he comes in from plowing?
(a) He has shot three rabbits while plowing
(b) Mr. Edwards came by and dropped off some butter
(c) The prairie fire has made plowing easier
(d) The Indians have quieted down

2. What does Pa wonder when they hear the Indian war cry over and over?
(a) How many he can kill before they get his family
(b) How the Indians learned to make the war cry
(c) If the Scotts and Mr. Edwards could hear the Indians
(d) If the Indians are coming that night

3. What does Pa see that makes him say it is time for him to return to Independence?
(a) The sun coming out an hour earlier
(b) Indians moving south
(c) The first grass coming up
(d) Geese flying south

4. What does Mary and Laura do with their beads?
(a) Sew them on their shoes
(b) Give them to their Ma
(c) Make a necklace for Carrie
(d) Sew them on their dresses

5. Why didn’t Mary want to play hop-scotch?
(a) She always loses to Laura
(b) She wants to sew instead
(c) She has a sore foot
(d) She does not think it to be ladylike

6. Why were there small holes in the ground at the Indian camp?
(a) The camp was on the outskirts of a prairie dog community
(b) The holes were from teepee poles
(c) The holes were from drying racks for the Indians’ meat
(d) The Indians used the holes for a game they played

7. What was in the very bottom of the girls’ stockings?
(a) A shiny, new penny
(b) A handful of Indian beads
(c) A small necklace
(d) A chocolate heart

8. What do the girls say the Indians had eaten in the village?
(a) Cornmeal pancakes
(b) Quail
(c) Rabbits
(d) Fried Indian bread

9. What does Pa tell the Scotts is the reason he came to their house in the middle of the night?
(a) The cow ran away in their direction
(b) Jack ran off barking into the distance
(c) He does not talk to the Scotts
(d) He thinks he heard a gunshot

10. What does Ma do when the girls hear the Indians in the distance?
(a) Brings the girls and Jack inside and locks the doors
(b) Loads the cannon for battle
(c) Tells them to ignore it
(d) Takes out Pa's pistol

11. What does Ma decide to do after the girls go to bed the night before Christmas?
(a) Hang their stockings
(b) Sings Christmas carols with Pa
(c) Goes to bed early
(d) Help Pa erect a bridge

12. What does Pa tell Ma the folks in Independence are saying about the Indians?
(a) The government is going to make the white people leave the Indain land
(b) The Indians are going to start a war
(c) The Indians are going to leave for the west
(d) The Indians have said only the people there now can stay

13. What surprise does Pa bring Ma from Independence?
(a) A new bolt of blue cloth
(b) Two new pots and a hair comb
(c) A baby crib
(d) Glass for the windows

14. Where does Pa go the second day after the Indians rode away?
(a) To finish the plowing
(b) To check on Mr. Edwards
(c) To the creek to scout it out
(d) To see if the Scotts are okay

15. What is in the middle of the combs Pa brings Mary and Laura?
(a) A flower
(b) A dog's head
(c) A star
(d) A triangle with flowers

Short Answer Questions

1. Who told Pa that the Indians wanted to kill all the settlers?

2. Why was Laura running as the three of them returned home from the village?

3. Where is Pa when the chimney catches on fire?

4. Why does Pa chain Jack to the stable door at night?

5. What do the cowboys tell Pa they will give him for his help?

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