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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ma do with the first milk Pa gets from the cow?
(a) Puts it into the cornbread
(b) Makes butter
(c) Saves it for mashed potatoes
(d) Gives it to Carrie

2. What do the pioneers call malaria?
(a) Chilblains
(b) Croup
(c) Fever 'n Augue
(d) The sleeping sickness

3. What do the cowboys tell Pa they will give him for his help?
(a) Two cows and a bull
(b) A new cow
(c) A cow, a bull, and a calf
(d) A side of beef

4. Where is Pa when the chimney catches on fire?
(a) Hunting
(b) Helping Mr. Edwards
(c) Cutting logs
(d) At Independence

5. How does Pa get his boots off?
(a) He never takes them off
(b) He uses a bootjack
(c) Ma helps him
(d) He uses a shoe horn

6. What does Mr. Edwards say he did to get to the Ingalls house Christmas morning?
(a) He left two days before to go around the creek
(b) He went to Independence first and came from that direction
(c) He felled a tree at the creek to join up with the one Ma and Pa put there
(d) He took off his clothes and swam the creek

7. What does Mr. Edwards say Santa was riding when Santa was in Independence?
(a) A sleigh pulled by mules
(b) A large bay horse
(c) A huge mule with donkeys loaded with presents
(d) He was riding a large elk

8. What does Pa do when they first get back from the Indian village?
(a) Chop wood
(b) Feed Jack dinner
(c) Take a bath
(d) Milk the cow

9. What kind of symptoms does the Ingalls family have when they fall sick?
(a) Running noses, congested lungs and sore throats
(b) Severe headaches and high fevers
(c) Throwing up and not be able to eat
(d) Aches and cold and hot flashes

10. What kind of berries do Ma and Laura go to pick?
(a) Raspberries
(b) Blueberries
(c) Strawberries
(d) Blackberries

11. Why does Pa bring Jack into the house the night he stops plowing early?
(a) The Indians are making more and more noise
(b) Jack needs a bath too
(c) The girls want to play with him
(d) He is going over to the Scotts

12. What does Pa tell Ma to do when he hands her four dead geese?
(a) Save the feathers
(b) Cook only one
(c) He will take a dressed bird to Mr. Edwards
(d) Hang them outside

13. What does Pa wonder when they hear the Indian war cry over and over?
(a) How the Indians learned to make the war cry
(b) If the Indians are coming that night
(c) If the Scotts and Mr. Edwards could hear the Indians
(d) How many he can kill before they get his family

14. What does Pa tell Laura the government will do about the Indians?
(a) They will imprison the Indians
(b) They will let the Indians stay and share the land
(c) They will send the Indians south
(d) They will sent the Indians west

15. Who is taking care of the family when they are sick?
(a) Mrs. Scott
(b) The two bachelors
(c) Mr. Edwards
(d) No one

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn’t Mary want to play hop-scotch?

2. Where are the men taking the cattle?

3. What does Pa do with Pet and Patty when the fire is coming?

4. Where does Pa go the second day after the Indians rode away?

5. What does Pa say is the reason the prairie was burned?

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