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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far away does the nearest neighbor live?
(a) 6 miles
(b) 5 miles
(c) 3 miles
(d) 2 miles

2. Where does Pa find Mr. Scott one morning?
(a) Sleeping in the barn
(b) Passed out in the bottom of the well
(c) Sitting on the front porch
(d) Feeding Jack venison

3. Where does Pa get the nails to use on the roof?
(a) From Mr. Scott
(b) From Mr. Edwards
(c) He brought them from their old home
(d) From the general store

4. What are the first two logs Pa put into a ditch for the house called?
(a) Foundation beams
(b) Sills
(c) Joists
(d) Studs

5. What does Ma do with the dish-cloth when she finishes the dishes?
(a) Hangs it on a branch
(b) Hangs it on a clothesline
(c) Lays it out on some tall grass
(d) Hangs it on the wagon

6. How does Pa fasten the barn door shut?
(a) With a pole
(b) With a latch
(c) With a handle
(d) With a chain

7. What kind of trees were around the place Pa chooses for a house?
(a) Oak
(b) Beech
(c) Pine
(d) None

8. Where does the family spend the night the first day on the road?
(a) In an abandoned cabin
(b) At Pepin
(c) At a trade station
(d) At Ma's parents' house

9. What is unusual about the two bachelors’ house?
(a) It is built so that the middle of the house is on the line between their two farms
(b) It is not a log cabin
(c) It is built partially underground
(d) It has two floors

10. Why did Pa and Patty come galloping into the homestead in Chapter 7?
(a) They spotted a huge wolf pack
(b) Pa wanted to stretch Patty's legs
(c) Pa cuts his leg while hunting
(d) There was a cougar chasing them

11. Why does Laura have a difficult time falling asleep the night Jack returns?
(a) The baby is crying
(b) Her parents are talking
(c) She is too excited about Jack
(d) The horses are making a lot of noise eating

12. What did Pa use to finish off the logs he cut to open up the fireplace?
(a) Green oak slabs
(b) Metal sheeting
(c) He used more rocks
(d) Flat rocks

13. What does Ma complain about when Jack comes into the camp?
(a) Laura and Pa's screams wake the baby
(b) He is covered in thistles
(c) Laura gets all wet hugging him
(d) Jack wants food immediately

14. How does the family come to own two mustangs?
(a) They find them attached to a wagon whose owner is dead
(b) Pa catches them wild on the prairie
(c) Pa trades their horses for them
(d) Pa buys them

15. Where does Pa put Pet and Patty after he un-harnessed them?
(a) Ties them to some bushes so they can eat
(b) On a picket line
(c) In a corral
(d) In the barn

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pa say very large wolves are called?

2. How does Pa hold together the cabin door?

3. What happens to the wagon as they cross the creek?

4. Who is the only person Pet let touch her colt?

5. What does Pa do with Jack when Pa leaves?

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