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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pa fill the tub with water in Chapter 4?
(a) So Ma can do the laundry
(b) For the horses to drink
(c) So they can bathe Jack
(d) So the family can bathe

2. What does Pa use to hold the fireplace rocks together?
(a) A mixture of straw and mud
(b) Mortar
(c) A mixture of clay and water
(d) Cement

3. Who are in the house when two Indians enter it?
(a) Mary and Carrie
(b) Mary and Ma
(c) Ma
(d) Ma and Carrie

4. What are the Indians in the house wearing?
(a) Fresh skunk skins
(b) White men's clothing
(c) Buckskins
(d) Feathered headgear

5. What did Pa use to finish off the logs he cut to open up the fireplace?
(a) He used more rocks
(b) Metal sheeting
(c) Green oak slabs
(d) Flat rocks

6. What does Laura tell her Ma Laura would like to see now that they are in Indian territory?
(a) A papoose
(b) A teepee
(c) An Indian woman dressed in buckskins
(d) An Indian village

7. What does Laura almost do when her father is not watching at the creek?
(a) Splash Mary with water
(b) Put her foot in the water
(c) Throw a frog on Mary's lap
(d) Pick up a garden snake

8. What does Pa do every morning before going down into the well he is digging?
(a) Changes into his old clothes
(b) Sends a candle to the bottom
(c) Pours water from the creek into the well
(d) Releases a bird into the well

9. What does Pa use for a temporary roof?
(a) Tree branches tied together
(b) The wagon canvas
(c) Woven prairie grasses
(d) Thatch

10. What are the first two logs Pa put into a ditch for the house called?
(a) Studs
(b) Sills
(c) Joists
(d) Foundation beams

11. What do the girls have to clean out of the house before they can move into it?
(a) All the wood chips
(b) The mud splatters from chinking the walls
(c) All the grass on the floor
(d) Any insects or ants they can find

12. What does Pa feed Pet and Patty when he chains them to the feed-box?
(a) Oats
(b) Corn
(c) Hay
(d) Nothing

13. How does the family get the goods they need to travel?
(a) They buy them with gold bullion
(b) They trade two cows for the needed supplies
(c) They trade for them with fur
(d) They steal them

14. Why does Pa want the family to move?
(a) He has lost his farm
(b) He thinks wild animals are being kept away from the area
(c) He believes that wild animals will overrun the area
(d) His brother is also moving there

15. How does the family cross the Missouri River?
(a) They do not cross the river but travel alongside it
(b) At a ford
(c) On a bridge
(d) On a raft

Short Answer Questions

1. What are bothering the girls at the creek?

2. Where does the Ingalls family live at the opening of the book?

3. What does Mary sew on when Pa goes back to the creek for more rocks to finish the fireplace?

4. What was the first food Ma cooked in the new fireplace?

5. Who does Pa say is living about nine miles away?

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