Little House on the Prairie Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-2

• Charles Ingalls decides where his family lives in Wisconsin is too crowded and wants to move his family west. Pa sells the house at the end of the winter and packs the family into a covered wagon.

• After saying good-bye to relatives they cross a frozen lake and spend the night in an abandoned cabin. The ice on the lake breaks up over the night. The family made it across the lake just in time.

• The journey is full of monotonous days, traveling through Minnesota and camping at night on their way to Kansas. They cross the Missouri River on a raft.

• Pa trades their tired horses for two quick mustangs whom Mary and Laura name Pet and Patty. Laura’s legs sometimes ache from being cooped up in the wagon but she feels ashamed when she complains.

• In Chapter 2, Pa decides to cross a high...

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