Objects & Places from Little Fires Everywhere

Ng, Celeste
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Prairie Fire (Fire)

This is used as a metaphor for survival and regrowth through pain and tragedy.


These symbolize people’s identities, and they are also a status symbol. They are falsely used to show someone’s worth as a human being.

The Duck Pond

This represents the space between the Richardson house and the rental house on Winslow Road. It was oddly named because there were only geese in it.


This was something that had to be hidden in Shaker Heights. It also symbolized the things that Mrs. Richardson tried to keep hidden.

The Shakers

These were the founders of the town in the novel. Their goal was to achieve perfection through order.

Female Spider-dancer

This portrait in Mia’s living room started Mrs. Richardson and haunted her. It represented the difference between Mia and Mrs. Richardson as mothers.


This was the residue...

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