Little Fires Everywhere Character Descriptions

Ng, Celeste
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Isabelle "Izzy" Richardson

This character is the youngest of the Richardson children. She was a freshman in high school in 1997. She and her mother have a troubled relationship. She burned down her parents’ house and ran away.

"Mrs." Elena Richardson

This character is the mother of four children. She works as a journalist for the local paper. She has always lived in Shaker Heights, except when she went to college. She has a very well developed sense of right and wrong and following rules.

Mia Wright

This character used her brother’s first name as her last name. She is an artist who creates unusual photographs. She has a teenage daughter, who was born through artificial insemination. She moves around a lot.

Pearl Warren

This character is very smart teenager who moved to Shaker Heights with her mother. She made friends with the children of a wealthy family. She...

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