Little Fires Everywhere Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ng, Celeste
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Chapter 1

• The following version of the book was used to make this lesson plan: Ng, Celeste. Little Fires Everywhere. Penguin Press, 2017.

• In Chapter 1, the narrator mentions the news that summer and how the Richardson fire became the most sensational news of all.

• Around noon on a Saturday in May, fire engines could be heard with their sirens wailing as they headed toward the duck pond.

• Mrs. Richardson was outside in her blue robe watching her house burn.

• She had been asleep because of a difficult day on Friday.

• The night before she had seen her tenants, Mia and Pearl, leaving their keys in her mailbox.

• So she slept in.

• She was awakened by the sound of the fire alarm.

• She raced through the house making sure no family members were still inside.

• She noticed that there was the smell of gasoline and individual fires set on each of...

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