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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event of Mrs. Merdle's does Amy inform her father they have been invited to once he returns home?
(a) Mrs. Merdle's renewal of her vows with her husband.
(b) Mrs. Merdle's graduation ceremony.
(c) Mrs. Merdle's wedding.
(d) Mrs. Merdle's farewell dinner.

2. What do the Meagles request of Arthur while they are away visiting their daughter?
(a) That he not write or talk to them anymore.
(b) That he accompany them.
(c) That he watch over their house.
(d) That he live in their house and spy on their neighbors.

3. Where is the Dorrit family vacationing when Book 2 opens?
(a) Germany.
(b) Paris.
(c) Switzerland.
(d) The Alps of Italy.

4. Whose approval of Fanny and Sparkler's marriage does Mr. Dorrit seek?
(a) Mrs. Merdle's.
(b) His deceased wife's; he visits her grave to "talk" to her.
(c) Frederick's.
(d) Amy's.

5. What does Mrs. Clennam do with the money she receives upon her husband's death?
(a) Give some to her husband's secret lover.
(b) Burn it.
(c) Give some to charity.
(d) Keep it all.

6. Whose body is never found from the explosion at Mrs. Clennam's house?
(a) Arthur's.
(b) No one's -- everyone seems to have escaped alive.
(c) Flintwinch's.
(d) Mrs. Clennam's.

7. With whom does Amy request to renew her friendship?
(a) Arthur.
(b) Frederick.
(c) Mrs. Gowan.
(d) John.

8. Who comes to visit Mr. Dorrit soon after he returns to London?
(a) Mr. Merdle.
(b) John.
(c) Arthur.
(d) Mrs. Merdle.

9. What does Henry make Lion do when he misbehaves?
(a) Leave the room.
(b) Go back to the house.
(c) Go out onto the street to be adopted by someone else.
(d) Go back to the pound.

10. Where does Arthur go to try to obtain a license for Daniel's invention?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) His senator, since nothing else is working.
(c) The mayor.
(d) The Circumlocution Office.

11. How does Miss Wade pay her bills?
(a) She lives off of a trust fund.
(b) She doesn't; she is horribly in debt.
(c) She has the patent for a new sewing machine.
(d) Her father is involved in illegal activities.

12. What kind of marriage did Mrs. Clennam have with her husband before he died?
(a) Magical.
(b) Happy.
(c) Disastrous.
(d) None; their marriage was actually a sham.

13. What big job does Sparkler get at the Circumlocution office?
(a) None; he is actually fired.
(b) The Chief Executive Officer.
(c) A door opener, which is a job of much honor.
(d) One of the lords.

14. Who does Dorrit find Amy with when he arrives home in Chapter XIX?
(a) A new puppy.
(b) Her secret lover.
(c) His brother.
(d) Arthur.

15. How does Arthur start to feel while in debtors' prison?
(a) Ill and very old.
(b) Wise beyond his years.
(c) Shaky and confused.
(d) Happy and carefree.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Amy tell Franny she should not get married?

2. Which rooms do Mr. and Mrs. Sparkler occupy after their wedding?

3. How do Fanny and Mrs. Merdle react to each other when they see each other abroad?

4. What "secret" does Chivery tell Arthur while he is in debtors' prison?

5. Who is Lion?

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