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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Now that they are very wealthy, what does the Dorrit family decide about Arthur.
(a) That he cannot be part of their lives.
(b) That he should be paid generously for their help.
(c) That he should be adopted as one of their own.
(d) That he should be killed.

2. Where are Miss Wade, Tattycoram, and Flora all living when Arthur goes to see Tattycoram?
(a) At the debtors' prison.
(b) At an all-girls school.
(c) In a very fancy house in Bleeding Heart Yard.
(d) At Casby's house.

3. Who does Arthur think of while he sits in debtors' prison?
(a) His mother.
(b) No one; he feels completely alone.
(c) Little Dorrit.
(d) Chivery.

4. How long is Dorrit acting funny until he dies?
(a) 10 days.
(b) 10 hours.
(c) 10 months.
(d) 10 minutes.

5. What other characters are with the Dorrits when Book 2 opens?
(a) Blandois.
(b) Minnie Meagle.
(c) Henry Gowan.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

6. Where does Cavalletto claim to have seen Blandois recently?
(a) At the courthouse.
(b) In Arthur's mother's apartment.
(c) In Miss Wade's apartment.
(d) In London.

7. What secret has Mrs. Clennam been hiding from Arthur for many years?
(a) That she is really his sister.
(b) That she is not his birth mother.
(c) That she is illiterate.
(d) That she is outrageously wealthy but doesn't want to give him a dime.

8. What do the Meagles request of Arthur while they are away visiting their daughter?
(a) That he live in their house and spy on their neighbors.
(b) That he not write or talk to them anymore.
(c) That he watch over their house.
(d) That he accompany them.

9. What does Rigaud go to the Clennam house to collect while Arthur is in debtors' prison?
(a) He baseball card collection.
(b) The rent.
(c) His blackmail money.
(d) Arthur's things; he wants to bring them to him in jail.

10. What kind of marriage did Mrs. Clennam have with her husband before he died?
(a) Magical.
(b) None; their marriage was actually a sham.
(c) Happy.
(d) Disastrous.

11. What does Henry make Lion do when he misbehaves?
(a) Go out onto the street to be adopted by someone else.
(b) Go back to the house.
(c) Leave the room.
(d) Go back to the pound.

12. Who is Lion?
(a) Minnie's ferret.
(b) Minnie's parrot.
(c) Minnie's dog.
(d) Minnie's cat.

13. How do Fanny and Mrs. Merdle react to each other when they see each other abroad?
(a) They decide the past is best forgotten.
(b) They spit on each other.
(c) They get into an instant fight.
(d) They pretend to be best friends.

14. Where does Mr. Dorrit think he is while at dinner with the Merdles?
(a) On a train.
(b) He doesn't know.
(c) America.
(d) A dollhouse.

15. With whom does Amy request to renew her friendship?
(a) Frederick.
(b) Arthur.
(c) John.
(d) Mrs. Gowan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Merdle rumored to become shortly before his death?

2. Who do Frederick and Amy bump into in an art gallery?

3. What do Miss Wade and Tattycoram tell Arthur about Blandois's whereabouts?

4. How do the girls react to Lion's misbehavior?

5. Why is Mr. Dorrit interested in building connected with Sparkler?

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