Little Dorrit Character Descriptions

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Amy Dorrit (Little Dorrit)

This character is a small woman, often mistaken for a child. She was born at Marshalsea prison, daughter of one of the prisoners, and her mother dies during her birth.

Arthur Clennam

This character is an Englishman who spent twenty years assisting his father with the family business in China. When the reader meets him, he is in France on his way home to England.

Mrs. Clennam

This character raised another as her son although he doesn't realize it. As she grows older, she restricts herself emotionally and then physically, staying in one room of the musty old house for over a decade.

Mr. Meagles

This person is an expansive, friendly man who travels the world with his family, blissfully ignorant of any need to blend into the local culture or acknowledge there is another language besides English. This person's love for his country...

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