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Book the First: Poverty, Chapters I-VII

• I: The novel opens in Marseilles, France, with 2 men in a cell, one of whom is Rigaud. He has been accused of murdering his wife.

• II: The characters of Mr. & Mrs. Meagles, their daughter Minnie and her maid Tattycoram, Arthur Clennam, and Miss Wade are introduced as travelers in France returning to England.

• III: Arthur returns to London to see his mother after living in China for 20 years. She has not left her room in over 12 years. He sees a young woman in his mother's room and is told she is Little Dorrit.

• IV: Mrs. Flitwich has a dream where two Jeremiahs are fighting over a box.

• V: Arthur meets with his mother and learns Jeremiah has assumed the role of partner in the family business. Arthur wants nothing to do with the business or the dreary house and leaves.
• VI: LIttle...

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