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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom are Albert and Faye throwing a party?
(a) Their African friends.
(b) Their Spanish friends.
(c) The servants.
(d) Their relatives.

2. What does Faye discover when she goes walking one night?
(a) Albert is homosexual.
(b) Albert is masturbating every night in the garden.
(c) Albert is weeping every night alone.
(d) Albert is making love to one of the servants.

3. In what is Laura and Jan lying in the second half of "the Chanchiquito?"
(a) Jan's bed.
(b) Laura's terrace.
(c) Jan's terrace.
(d) Laura's bed.

4. What about Hilda's body amazes Rango?
(a) Her strength.
(b) Her hourglass figure.
(c) Her paleness.
(d) Her delicacy.

5. What were characteristics of the American writer's work that attracted women (such as Hilda in "Hilda and Rango") to him?
(a) Sweet and caring.
(b) Violent and sensual.
(c) Thoughtful and philosphical.
(d) Fiery and intellectual.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rango grow angry with Hilda?

2. Why is the narrator/model unable to find modeling work in the country?

3. What body part is the painter from "The Queen" discussing in the following statement? "Her _____. It is impossible to describe her _____ except by saying that they were the _____ of an orgasm."

4. What instrument does Rango play?

5. How does Laura feel when Jan appears to be slightly aroused by his first drawing on the ceiling?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hilda change throughout the course of this story?

2. How does Rango treat Hilda after their first, failed sexual encounter?

3. Why does the painter in "The Queen" claim to like women such as Bijou?

4. Describe some of the narrator's first modeling jobs, including her experienced with the artists in "A Model."

5. How are Paul and Miriam full of "aristocratic impudence?"

6. How does the painter know Bijou is faithless at the Art Ball?

7. In "The Chanchiquito", what happens to the old lady in Laura's uncle's story?

8. What pictures does Jan draw on the ceiling and why?

9. Describe Rango.

10. For what reasons is the narrator and the mysterious man at the end of "A Model" drawn together, eventually becoming lovers?

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