Little Birds: Erotica Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Manuel dislike his apartment and how does his wife deal with it?

Manuel dislikes his new apartment because he finds them to be dark and claustrophobic. He is even unable to find relief outside, as the courtyard is described as "stifling." As a painter, he believes he needs proper lighting and open spaces, but his wife, being a trapeze artist with the circus, does not understand this and escapes the hovel each day for work.

2. For what reasons does Manuel want to move into the apartment with the terrace?

Manuel goes to find a new apartment that will be more suitable for his work. He finds a set of rooms that his wife finds to be dirty and uninhabitable. However, he still desires to move in, as there is a school for girls located directly across the street from the rooms. Now, Manuel is determined to fix up the rooms and move in, as he has become fixated and obsessed with the young girls in the school next door.

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