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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Woman on the Dunes.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is significant about the mysterious man standing behind the woman at the Russian's execution?
(a) He is coughing with tuberculosis.
(b) He is smoking opium.
(c) He is bleeding.
(d) He is pressing his erection against her.

2. With what Russian author does the woman describe the Russian prisoner's answers?
(a) Nabokov.
(b) Trotsky.
(c) Gorky.
(d) Dostoyevsky.

3. What happens when Louis tries to make love to the woman on the beach?
(a) He grows ill from swimming.
(b) A storm hits and they are forced to take cover.
(c) They are interrupted by her friend.
(d) He loses his erection.

4. Why does Therese initially not care for the rooms in which Manuel wants to move?
(a) The rooms are dirty and uninhabitable.
(b) It is too far from her circus.
(c) It is located across from a school.
(d) The walls are too thin.

5. While using the toilet, why does Manuel leave the door to the bathroom open while the girls are in his apartment?
(a) He wants them to see him.
(b) He wants to watch them in the mirror.
(c) He is afraid of small spaces.
(d) He does not want to risk blocking out the birds' voices.

Short Answer Questions

1. When looking at the new apartments, what is the first sound that indicates the rooms are located across from a school?

2. In what city does "Little Birds" take place?

3. What is a pissoir?

4. In the woman's story, why was the Russian going to be executed?

5. Which girl falls in line with Manuel's plan when he leaves the bathroom door open during urination?

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