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Maja Desnuda appears in The Maja

This is a famous piece of art that features heavily in the obsession of a young artist and his wife.

Sirocco appears in Sirocco

This is an African tempest.

Flowers appears in Two Sisters

This object is held by a heartbroken woman at her sibling's wedding.

Incense appears in Lina

This is an aphrodisiac that causes a repressed woman to relax.

Saffron appears in Saffron

This is a plant that can also be used as a spice.

Gypsy Cart appears in Hilda and Rango

This is the habitation of a Mexican painter who reeducates a young Parisian model in the ways of love and seduction.

Fig Leaf appears in The Queen

This is the one consideration to modesty for a woman's costume.

Ceiling Plaster appears in The Chanchiquito

This becomes an impromptu canvas for a sexually curious woman and her amorous, painter...

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