Little Birds: Erotica Character Descriptions

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Anais Nin appears in A Model

This character is a virgin who, through a series of encounters, learns to grow into his or herself and his or her body before finding their first real lover.

Hilda appears in Hilda and Rango

This character is saddled with an unresponsive partner and is forced into relearning how to listen to his or her own body in terms of sexual desire.

Dorothy appears in Two Sisters

This character is a sculptor who becomes guilt-ridden when he or she takes away the lover of his or her married sibling.

Pierre appears in Runaway

This character becomes consumed with the thought of taking the lover of his or her roommate.

Novalis appears in The Maja

This character marries their spouse because of a resemblance to a famous painting.

Fay appears in Saffron

This character marries young and is distressed when his or her...

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