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Little Birds

• Manuel (from "Little Birds") unhappy in his current apartment, grows obsessed with a new living space that is across the street from a girl's school.

• After rehabilitating the apartment, Manuel and Therese move in.
• Manuel buys many exotic birds, enticing the young girls over to his apartment.

• Manuel proceeds cautiously around the girls, but does manage to manipulate one of them into seeing him expose himself.
• Manuel's sexual desires, relating to voyeurism, are revealed.

• Manuel scares the girls away when they see him expose his erection to them.

The Woman on the Dunes

• In "The Woman on the Dunes," Louis, sexually frustrated and haunted by scenes of other couples making love, follows a beautiful woman to the beach.

• The two engage in a flirtatious midnight swim.
• Louis and woman make love throughout the night as they wander around the town.
• The woman tells Louis a story...

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