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Short Answer Questions

1. How is Custer finally killed?

2. What special permission does Sunshine give to Jack upon his return home from visiting his childhood friends in chapter 17?

3. How does Jack avoid being killed by three outlaws during the robbery of a train station?

4. What Indian artifact do the Seventh Calvary come across on the trail to Little Big Horn in chapter 27?

5. What ceremony does Old Lodge Skins perform?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jack believe his killing of Custer after the attack at Washita would have altered history?

2. How does Jack wound Wild Bill's pride during a gun fight?

3. What historic lawman does Jack meet while traveling with buffalo skinners? Whose life does this lawman save?

4. Why does Jack believe Custer is not struck down by bullets and arrows as he walks on the battlefield?

5. What does Jack learn when he attempts to convince the leader of the scouts to tell Custer about the size of the Indian group they are following?

6. What does Jack learn are the Seventh Calvary's two biggest enemies?

7. What is significant about the name given to Jack's son with Sunshine?

8. What job does Jack attempt to get with the Seventh Calvary?

9. How does Jack finally become a scout? Who is he to report to?

10. Who is Wild Bill Hickok? Why is he afraid of being shot?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This novel depicts Indians slaughtering men and raping women because of a cultural misunderstanding. Discuss the differences in the culture between the Whites and the Indians. Why did the drunk white men slapping the Indians on the back set off a massacre? Why did Jack's show of concern for a young Indian brave cause them to become lifetime enemies? How did living with the Cheyenne during childhood affect Jack's personality and actions as an adult?

Essay Topic 2

Who attacks the stage coach Jack and his family take to Fort Leavenworth? Why? What happens to Jack? What happens to Jack's family? Why does Jack not attempt to find and rescue his family? Where does Jack eventually find his family? Why does Jack not attempt to claim them again when he finds them? What eventually happens to Jack's wife and son?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Younger Bear? Why does Younger Bear dislike Jack? Why do they become enemies when they are still young boys? Why does Younger Bear bring Jack the scalp of a Crow Indian he killed? Why does Jack insist that Younger Bear whose him a life? How does Younger Bear pay Jack back that one life? What is significant about this moment between the two men? Why does Younger Bear rejoice that Jack has survived his injuries? What will happen next between these two men?

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