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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Jack and his family heading on the stage coach when it is attacked by Indians in chapter 14?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Santa Fe.
(c) Ft. Leavenworth.
(d) San Francisco.

2. Why does Caroline decide to leave the Cheyenne village?
(a) She wants to live among white civilization.
(b) The Cheyenne are unwelcoming.
(c) She wants to find her mother.
(d) The Cheyenne cannot be trusted.

3. What is count coup?
(a) Ride into the enemy and tap them with a stick.
(b) Ride into the enemy and kill them with a knife.
(c) Count the number of enemy on the battlefield.
(d) Count the number of dead enemies on the battlefield.

4. What does Old Lodge Skins do when a herd of antelope approach the prairie where he has been meditating?
(a) He runs the other direction.
(b) He kills one for his family to eat.
(c) He shouts to make them leave.
(d) He calms the leader.

5. Who is Lavender?
(a) The doctor.
(b) The Pendrakes' son.
(c) Jack's school friend.
(d) A black servant of the Pendrakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of an antelope does one of the braves force Jack to eat?

2. What Cheyenne encouraged to do with their horses?

3. Why does Jack believe the Cheyenne prefer larger women?

4. How does Jack do when he is returned to white schools?

5. Who is Kane?

Short Essay Questions

1. What shocks Jack about being back among the White culture?

2. Why does Old Lodge Skins tell Jack he does not have to participate in a fight with white soldiers?

3. What causes the Indians to attack the people of the wagon train?

4. How does Old Lodge Skins help his hunters kill an entire herd of antelope?

5. Why does Jack decide to leave the Pendrake family?

6. Why did Kane, the shopkeeper, have to leave town?

7. Why does Lavender believe he is related to the Cheyenne Indians?

8. Why does Younger Bear give Jack a Crow warrior's scalp? How does Jack respond?

9. What is important about the coffee the wagon train carries?

10. Why is Old Lodge Skins' band of Cheyenne separated from the entire Cheyenne tribe?

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