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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jack travel to to join the Seventh Calvary?
(a) Powder River.
(b) Missouri River.
(c) Washita River.
(d) Platt River.

2. What special permission does Sunshine give to Jack upon his return home from visiting his childhood friends in chapter 17?
(a) To go on a long trip.
(b) To take a second wife.
(c) To sleep with her three sisters.
(d) To return to white civilization.

3. Who does Old Lodge Skins want to see on the battlefield?
(a) The Sioux warriors.
(b) Custer.
(c) Lavender.
(d) Botts.

4. Why is Younger Bear happy Jack has survived?
(a) Because he has shown himself to be brave.
(b) Because now he can kill him.
(c) Because he enjoys their rivalry.
(d) Because he loves him like a brother.

5. What does Lavender ask Jack to write for him?
(a) A poem to his wife.
(b) A letter home.
(c) Symbols in the dirt to warn the Sioux.
(d) A will.

6. How does Jack avoid being killed in a gunfight with Wild Bill Hickok?
(a) By refusing to fight.
(b) By hiding behind someone else.
(c) By using Wild Bill's own techniques.
(d) By using a trick to avoid the bullets.

7. When Custer finally makes Jack a scout, who does he order that he report to?
(a) Custer and the scout leader.
(b) Lavender and the scout leader.
(c) Custer only.
(d) The scout leader only.

8. Who stops the fight that nearly leads to the whiskey sellers death?
(a) Wyatt Earp.
(b) Wild Bill.
(c) Jack.
(d) Younger Bear.

9. What music does Jack hear as his horse rears on a morning ride in chapter 18?
(a) Folk music.
(b) Patriotic music.
(c) A polka.
(d) Irish band music.

10. What is one of the Seventh Calvary's enemies to survival?
(a) The Crow Indians.
(b) The Sioux Indians.
(c) The Comanche Indians.
(d) The Apache Indians.

11. What job does Custer offer Jack?
(a) Soldier.
(b) Scout.
(c) Herder or teamster.
(d) Cook.

12. What does Old Lodge Skins say to the man he visits on the battlefield at Little Big Horn?
(a) He is a bad man who got what he deserved.
(b) He is a bad man who has paid a debt.
(c) He is a bad man and he is paying for what he did to the Cheyenne.
(d) He is a bad man who deserved much worse.

13. Why is Wild Bill humiliated in his fight with Jack?
(a) Jack runs away.
(b) Jack shoots him.
(c) Jack refuses to fight.
(d) Jack refuses to kill him.

14. Who does Jack learn has died?
(a) Sunshine.
(b) Caroline.
(c) Mrs. Pendrake.
(d) Olga.

15. What is frighteningly accurate about Jack's story?
(a) The names of the historic figures Jack met.
(b) The location of Custer's last stand.
(c) The details of the Battle of Little Big Horn.
(d) The time and place.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jack find among the American dead, taking a scalp in chapter 18?

2. What Indians are preparing to battle against the Seventh Calvary?

3. What happens to the three outlaws who robbed the train station in chapter 19?

4. How is Custer finally killed?

5. Who does Jack rediscover while out with his new friend in chapter 20?

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