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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jack think Custer is crazy?
(a) Because he charges alone.
(b) Because he attempts to fight hand to hand combat.
(c) Because he walks the battlefield without getting hit by bullets or arrows.
(d) Because he refuses to retreat.

2. How much money does Jack con out of the jeweler in his bunco scam?
(a) $200,000.
(b) $2,000.
(c) $100,000.
(d) $1,000.

3. Why did Custer cut off his hair?
(a) His mistress preferred it that way.
(b) The military told him to.
(c) It got in his way.
(d) His wife had a dream he was scalped.

4. What does Old Lodge Skins' companion build after the ceremony is complete?
(a) A new tepee.
(b) Old Lodge Skins' new peace pipe.
(c) Old Lodge Skins' death scaffold.
(d) A new family.

5. Why has Younger Bear saved Jack?
(a) To protect his reputation as a warrior.
(b) To save a friend.
(c) To repay a debt.
(d) To win Old Lodge Skins' affection.

6. What Indians are preparing to battle against the Seventh Calvary?
(a) Sioux and Cheyenne.
(b) Apache and Comanche.
(c) Sioux and Apache.
(d) Cherokee and Crow.

7. Where are Jack and his Cheyenne band camped?
(a) South Dakota Mountains.
(b) Platt River.
(c) Washita River.
(d) Bighorn Mountains.

8. Who does Jack vow to kill for the attack on the Cheyenne at Washita River?
(a) George Custer.
(b) Younger Bear.
(c) George Patton.
(d) Old Lodge Skins.

9. Who does Jack discover Younger Bear is married to?
(a) Little Horse.
(b) Sunshine.
(c) A Cherokee woman.
(d) A white woman, Jack's first wife.

10. Where does Jack travel to to join the Seventh Calvary?
(a) Washita River.
(b) Platt River.
(c) Powder River.
(d) Missouri River.

11. What is Jack told is wrong with the guns the soldiers have?
(a) The barrels tend to blow up.
(b) They take too long to load.
(c) The carbines jam.
(d) There is not enough ammunition.

12. Where does Jack hide Sunshine and their son as the cavalry approaches?
(a) Under buffalo skins in his tepee.
(b) In a ravine.
(c) Under a trash pile.
(d) In the river.

13. Why is Wild Bill humiliated in his fight with Jack?
(a) Jack shoots him.
(b) Jack refuses to kill him.
(c) Jack refuses to fight.
(d) Jack runs away.

14. Where is Jack when he wakes?
(a) Old Lodge Skins' tepee.
(b) A prisoner tepee.
(c) A military hospital.
(d) A hotel room.

15. Who is Amelia to marry?
(a) A congressman's son.
(b) An Indian brave.
(c) A state senator's son.
(d) A senator.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jack meet in Kansas City?

2. What causes Jack's new friend to have fits of fright?

3. What profession does Jack turn to after gambling and bunco scams?

4. Why does Jack need lots of money?

5. What happened to Jack Crabb when he finished speaking into the recording machine?

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