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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, We Get Jumped.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does the soldier, Muldoon, try to get from Jack when he returns him to white civilization?
(a) His experiences living with the Cheyenne.
(b) Cheyenne battle methods.
(c) The location of the Cheyenne.
(d) The Cheyenne language.

2. Why does Caroline decide to leave the Cheyenne village?
(a) The Cheyenne cannot be trusted.
(b) She wants to live among white civilization.
(c) She wants to find her mother.
(d) The Cheyenne are unwelcoming.

3. What does Jack allow Muldoon to believe about him in chapter 8?
(a) That is an idiot from torture.
(b) That he is deaf.
(c) That he is blind.
(d) That he does not understand English anymore.

4. What trail does the wagon train that the Crabb family joins take?
(a) California Trail.
(b) New Mexico Trail.
(c) Donner Party Trail.
(d) Utah Trail.

5. Why does the Crow warrior stop in the middle of taking Jack's scalp?
(a) He finds it funny to leave the boy only half scalped.
(b) He has pity on his age.
(c) He sees Jack is white.
(d) He is attacked by Younger Bear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What river do Caroline and Jack attempt to cross after leaving the carnage of the wagon train?

2. What city does Jack go to after leaving the Pendrakes?

3. What does Old Lodge Skins do when a herd of antelope approach the prairie where he has been meditating?

4. What part of an antelope does one of the braves force Jack to eat?

5. What is a Contrary?

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