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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Going for Gold.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jack leave the Pendrakes?
(a) Abuse by Mr. Pendrake.
(b) Abuse by Mrs. Pendrake.
(c) Mr. Pendrake's multiple affairs.
(d) Mrs. Pendrake's multiple affairs.

2. What is count coup?
(a) Count the number of dead enemies on the battlefield.
(b) Ride into the enemy and kill them with a knife.
(c) Ride into the enemy and tap them with a stick.
(d) Count the number of enemy on the battlefield.

3. What item does Younger Bear give Jack when he is healed?
(a) The scalp of the Crow warrior.
(b) A carving of the Crow warrior.
(c) The arrow that killed the Crow warrior.
(d) A new bow and arrow.

4. What does Old Lodge Skins think will eventually happen to all the whites?
(a) They will all die of a terrible disease.
(b) The spirits will strike them down.
(c) They will inhabit all the lands.
(d) They will kill each other.

5. What does Jack allow Muldoon to believe about him in chapter 8?
(a) That is an idiot from torture.
(b) That he is blind.
(c) That he is deaf.
(d) That he does not understand English anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jack find Mrs. Pandrake making love with?

2. What part of an antelope does one of the braves force Jack to eat?

3. What do the hunters do with the antelope herd?

4. What river do Caroline and Jack attempt to cross after leaving the carnage of the wagon train?

5. What does Jack think of Mr. Pendrake's sins?

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