Little Bee: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Chris Cleave
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1. Why might the author have written this book about immigration?

Chris Cleave is a British journalist whose wife is a French immigrant. It is possible that he has personal experience with the immigration laws in Britain.

2. Why has Little Bee been a detention center for so long?

Little Bee was brought to the detention center because she is an immigrant. She may have been held for so long because of political unrest in Nigeria, or it is possible that she became lost in the system.

3. Why might the taxi company refuse to pick up immigrants?

It is possible that the taxi company has not been paid by immigrants leaving the detention center. It is also possible that some English citizens dislike immigrants.

4. What does Little Bee's lie to the taxi company tell the reader about her character?

Little Bee's lie tells the reader that she is able to think her way out of difficult situations. It also tells the reader that Little Bee is determined and capable of taking care of herself.

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