Objects & Places from Little Bee: A Novel

Chris Cleave
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This becomes a symbol of Little Bee's land.


The weapon Sarah uses to cut off her middle finger.

Driving License and Business Card

The two items Little Bee takes from Andrew after her sister is killed.

Electrical Cord

The item Andrew uses to hang himself.

Hawaiian Shirt

What Little Bee wears at the detention center in hopes of avoiding the attentions of men.


Little Bee uses these items to teach herself English while being held in the detention center.


What Sarah discovers in Andrew's office after his death.

Abandoned Boat

The place where Little Bee hides while the men rape and murder her sister.

Batman Costume

Charlie wears this hoping to keep his father alive and well.

Black Hill Immigration Removal Centre

The place where Little Bee spends two years after arriving in England on a tea import ship.


The nearby place where...

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