Little Bee: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Chris Cleave
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Essay Topic 1

From what you have read, how does the author feel about the immigration policies in the United Kingdom? How do you know this? What evidence can you find from the text to support your assertion? Why might the author have written this book?

Essay Topic 2

The chapters in "Little Bee" are written from different points of view. Odd chapters are told by Little Bee and even chapters are told by Sarah.

1) Why might the author have chosen to tell the story in this way?

2) Does the the division of point of view help the story? Does it hurt the story?

3) How do the differing points of view help to move the plot along?

4) What other character's point of view would you like to have read about? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Sarah has a number of realizations while attending Andrew's funeral. How has she failed both Andrew and...

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