Little Bee: A Novel Character Descriptions

Chris Cleave
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Little Bee/Udo

This character arrives in Britain from Nigeria, after his/her family is killed.

Sarah Summers O'Rourke

This character is having an affair and feels she owes Little Bee something.

Andrew O'Rourke

This character is severely depressed due to not helping two young girls in Nigeria.

Charlie 'Batman' O'Rourke

This character wears a costume in the hopes of saving someone he loves.

Lawrence Osborn

This character works for the government and feels that Little Bee will cause nothing but trouble.


This character is Little Bee's imaginary companion in England.


This character is a friend of Sarah's who does not have Sarah's best interests at heart.


This character is responsible for Little Bee's illegal release from the detention center.

Linda Osborn

This character is married to Sarah's lover.

Neck Wound Guy

This character works for the oil company and proposes a horrible trade...

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