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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the feminist philosopher Julia Kristeva, the language of the semiotic is a means of what?
(a) Reproducing the symbolic order.
(b) Undermining the symbolic order.
(c) Understanding the symbolic order.
(d) Affirming the symbolic order.

2. According to Eagleton, structuralism is a ________of inquiry whereas semiotics is a ______ of study.
(a) Type; manner.
(b) Method; field.
(c) Manner; field.
(d) Field; type.

3. According to Roland Barthes, what kind of sign draws attention to its own arbitrariness?
(a) A productive sign.
(b) An unhealthy sign.
(c) A healthy sign.
(d) An unproductive sign.

4. What is a belief in "ultimate word, presence, essence, truth, or reality"?
(a) Technocentric.
(b) Egocentric.
(c) Phallocentric.
(d) Logocentric.

5. According to Eagleton, if structuralism examined the "product" of literature, but left out what?
(a) The immaterial conditions inherent in the product.
(b) The material conditions that destroyed literature.
(c) The material conditions that produced literature.
(d) The immaterial conditions that produced literature.

Short Answer Questions

1. In American deconstruction, why does literary criticism become an "ironic, uneasy business"?

2. For Roland Barthes, what kind of literature attempts to conceal the constructed nature of language?

3. According to Sigmund Freud, what distinguishes humans from other animals?

4. Who said "there is no cultural document that is not at the same time a record of barbarism"?

5. What is the "final logical move" for literary theory, according to Eagleton?

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